What to do when your manager advertises your job


Today I will be answering some fan mail. I found this quite interesting. One of my readers came face to face with the most astounding news in her career. This is what she wrote;

Hi Sarah, hope this finds you well.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words which give us strength, courage and hope when we have lost it. But am afraid this time I do have a problem and I need your advice. This morning l couldn’t believe what I saw on the brighter Monday website, I found my job and several staff member’s jobs advertised yet we are still working with this company. I went to the HR’s office to find out why my job was advertised.

perfect cover boss

To my amazement the HR also didn’t have a clue about what was going on and realized the Managing Director (MD) might have done it behind his back. The MD finally showed up and as usual we went for our morning meeting.

Everyone was quiet waiting for the MD to tell them to hand in their resignation letters but nothing was hinted on that matter. In fact it was business as usual. I feel so betrayed since I have been working for this company for the last 5 years.

I can’t imagine my career life is at risk once again when I thought I was safe after having spent a long time working with this Company. What would you do if you were in my position?

First off I sympathize with you. And given your emotional state right now the past Sarah would have stormed the office of the MD demanding answers as to why her job was advertised.

But as with age everything becomes clear, I would like to say your story is the story of most fresh graduates who work with private companies. These companies in most cases don’t give you job contracts that’s why they are able to fire you any time they want without following procedure since in reality you don’t work for them and therefore can’t sue them.


But this is what the present Sarah is suspecting, your boss might be pulling a management prank on all of you to get you working like crazy in defense of your jobs. So hold your horses!! Don’t get demoralized yet. You are going through the new management prank and god help me I could be right!! Last year a friend of mine went through the same thing but she’s still working at the same company that had advertised her job.

I don’t know who the source of this management style is in present day but it’s a very nasty and disastrous management style.

“In the bible God was done with King Saul’s disobedience and he asked Prophet Samuel to go anoint David as the next King at 15 years of age. But even in God’s plan there was a loophole, King Saul was still the King and he did almost everything to defend and protect his job including plotting several attempts on David’s life”.

But you don’t have to be like King Saul, since the MD didn’t even hint about it in the meeting, just like King Solomon go ahead and eat, drink, sleep make merry and your job will be well done. I guess you’re kind of saying I am crazy right now but hear me out.


If you don’t stress, invite fear into your mind, live under fear, sleep on the edge of it and wake up to it. You’ll most definitely do your job well. This is a great opportunity for you to infuse new endorphins into this sad office situation. Celebrate it, you have no control over this situation so stop stressing and start celebrating your career victory. You are finally walking out on top on this one.

But on the other hand I may be wrong so you’ll need to look out for some of these characteristics at your work place;

If suddenly you are put in charge of fewer things. Decisions that used to be yours are now being made by other people. Responsibilities are being taken off your plate. This implies that your influence is on the decline, and that the company is ready to move on without you.

If you are suddenly invited to fewer meetings than usual; This also indicates that your input is no longer valued or required in group discussions – plans are being formed and decisions made without you.

If the company is suffering financially and there are talks of cutbacks and projects being cancelled? Companies generally only cut staff as a last resort, but when the bottom line is on the line, reducing staff is one way to cut costs and overhead.

If your manager starts avoiding you yet he used to spend time with you suddenly becomes distant, avoids eye contact and stops mentoring, it could be that they know you’re on your way out. In that case, coaching becomes unnecessary, and socializing awkward. It could also indicate that they have impending bad news that they are not prepared (or authorized) to share with the team yet – and so are avoiding all contact.

eye contact

You start to receive written warnings about minor infractions. This could be a sign that your employer is planning to let you go and that they want to protect themselves from wrongful dismissal claims. They can do this by building up a paper trail of official warnings about workplace behavior or performance in advance.

You’re suddenly asked to document everything you do – or train someone on things that are normally your sole responsibility. This can indicate that the company doesn’t expect you to be around much longer – so they’re making sure that someone knows exactly what you do and how to do it. You could also be being groomed for a more senior position – but you can usually tell which way the wind is blowing. Be alert to the signs.

If you suspect that your company is actively trying to replace you – you should actively (but quietly) be looking for a new job too.

Be careful not to let paranoia about someone else’s behaviour become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stay friendly with everyone and cheerful with your boss.

A change in someone’s attitude may actually have nothing to do with you – or the future of the business. But keep your eyes open, if this really is turning your workplace into an unpleasant place to be – start your job hunt. Also be sure to document all of your success and achievements.

Let me hope I have been of help.







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