When Sarah Namulondo asks for your advice, what would you say to her?


For the past year as a blogger I have been in the business of giving advice to everyone who cared to read my blog, in that most of you…OK most people I meet expect me to know it all, have it all together when in actual sense I have quite a number of mess ups and fuckups under my belt.

So today I am going to share four things I struggle with and I am giving you the mandate to give me advice on all of them.

I know—I know this is really intrusive, it’s like I am unleashing all my vulnerability here but heck yeah, I struggle.

So here we go;

I am really shaking while typing this…it’s freaken intrusive but OK…

writing a book

Advice on a book I am writing

Last year around August I took some time off to write a book on how I survived unemployment for 783 days, now this book is done, I got a publisher and we discussed the direction of the book. I am done writing but every time I read through it, my intuition doesn’t agree with what I’ve written.

A tell all book on every single person that hurt me or rubbed me the wrong way through my unemployment journey isn’t something that sits well with my conscientious. I just feel like it isn’t fair, I resolved my feelings and forgave every single people.

So what should Sarah do?
Should I publish a TELL-ALL kind of book or should I pick the lessons I learned a long the way and sound like those life coaches and guru’s who tell you what to do with your life?

Advice on purpose

I have lost my purpose, I don’t really know what I want anymore, I am not so certain whether I love to write as much as I did last year and it is so ironical given the fact that I am writing this.

But I feel like I can do more with my life and other talents and writing seems to be like that addiction that has tied me down and makes me a recluse. I don’t get to see much of the people I love because I am busy trying to work my mind around wording a hypnotic intro for a story that doesn’t even fuel my spirit.

I don’t know whether it is writing for money that makes me feel like a slave to my craft or I should give up on pursuing writing as a career itself. Probably I should consider it a hobby or I should just take a nice long shower and reinvent myself.

You notice I am kind of having a mini life crisis, what should Sarah do?


Advice on self discipline

Of course by now most of you know I love working out but things quite took a turn towards the end of last year. Apparently I really dread working out; I don’t know whether it is a phase or something. I just hate my body and it’s not like people tell me I look bad—no! I just hate my body for letting me down because apparently when I don’t work out, even myself discipline suffers which affects my writing.

So do you guys know another way I could have self discipline without working out as often as I used to.

Advice on using social media

Gosh I hate being on social media and I know this is still ironical because I have met so many amazing people there and my blog links have really thrived off Facebook’s presence but I miss being present and I miss the eight months I spent offline in 2013, they were so epic.

I got to know myself for the first time, journaling every minute and every single moment as it happened. It helped me expand my thoughts further, away from the social media quick updates.
It is exhausting…so I was wondering does anyone have some advice for me on how to be present and still use social media without feeling overwhelmed.

I feel so embarrassed right now so after reading this I need you to walk up to me and give me an award for bravery because these things where supposed to end up in my journal somehow.

I know— I know please don’t judge me 🙂 and let your friends know there is an interesting conversation going on here that they might want to be part of.


Ps: If this turns out right, I might turn it into a segment of embarrassing questions I ask my readers 🙂

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  • Samuel Casa
    October 29, 2019

    I am inspired by the tales in this story. She starts with the hype on how most of her early days were spent on giving good advice to those who were in need of it even when herself needed one but couldn’t access. In this case though i suspect she might have embedded the real ironic nature of life. They say :freedom is felt when it is lost”, its now reality that you have hit the right button of the heaven gate. Thank you for the social media engagements you had before and stop regretting for the months spent offline because they might have given you new life lessons that you would not fetch from anywhere else.

    follow me on casaldotonline.wordpress.com

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