Why fresh grads should blog about their careers


When I started this blog I came in with the idea that I was going to help you on your career journeys but I was wrong. Instead it has been you (the readers and fans) who have helped me on my career journey.

How? Well I have learned a lot of things in my career, built networks I didn’t have before and my work ethic is above and beyond what it was before I ever started and this is all because I have this blog.

So whether you studied Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Cosmetology, Hair Dressing or Tailoring, if you’ve been thinking about joining the online conversation, or dreaming of starting a blog, website, or publishing more on your current blog, this is the time to start.

Having a blog about your field of expertise will not only make you look professional it makes you stand out as an expert on the subject. Which expert you already are but the turbulent unemployment rates have somehow minimized your position in the job market.

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So starting a blog for you should be the number one marketing tool but you also have to keep in mind that having a blog doesn’t require to have the loudest voice on the internet. It should be to have a voice in your field of choice.

You may start out shaky, amateur but with consistence you will see yourself becoming an expert in your field. The best thing about writing is not the writing itself but the person you write for and that person should be yourself.

Write the most inspirational article for yourself; write the best infographic ever written on tech or engineering or tailoring for you. That is the only way you’ll be able to write relevant articles otherwise here are some things that blogging has taught me.

It has taught me how to communicate effectively: Not only in the written word but also orally. Most of you don’t know this about me but I am a very private person and sometimes it affects the way I communicate with people including business partners because most times I anticipate how they will react to what I have to say.

So it gets easier for me to be recluse when my needs and ideas have been trashed but I have learned to push and push and I don’t care how many times I have to repeat myself until I get heard and understood. That by the way was a big lesson for me and it is a very helpful character trait if you are a fresh grad working in a company with older people than you.

It’s also a great character trait if you are still a job seeker going in for job interviews: The ability to communicate and be understood is what gets people jobs. If the interviewers don’t understand you your chances of getting the job are slim.


It has helped me become more confident in my decisions: I Sarah Namulondo could not write a post without seeking approval or thinking about how it would reflect on me as a person. That is not a bad thing but it is so paralyzing in that it renders you mentally inept: You can’t think for yourself and that is a bad thing. But the good news is currently I let my thoughts out more often than I could possible imagine. I am more confident and secure in the decisions I make even when no one approves them.

This character trait if carried on into a managerial position or job can help in getting a lot of tasks done in time, it will set you apart as a leader especially if the timely decisions you make have positive impacts on the company. This character trait screams promotion, promotion and nothing more.

work ethic

It has taught me a lot about work ethic: On the days I don’t feel like writing and I’m all lazy and tempted to coast on my past articles. When I check my traffic in the morning and find 30 people or 70 people have already visited the blog before I post anything in a day I’m always like what did I do.

That makes it so hard for me to let you down when you met me half way so I try my best to show up not mainly for myself but for you because you’ve shown up for my sake. This by far is the best thing blogging has taught me, the ability to serve above self.

So if you have a blog as a fresh grad that is consistently updated with quality content, I promise you every recruiter will want to hire you. I’m not trying to brag here but I have been offered full time employment twice from people who visited my blog for the first time and were impressed with the kind of knowledge I have on the subject but also by the consistence of the posts.

The reason every recruiter hires is not to fill the vacant positions but to hire someone with relentless work ethic. Like I’m writing this post at 2:00am because I had a busy day today, I am much aware I have no boss but when you come through for me I have no option but to come through for you too. I could have even possibly just slept but you are my responsibility because you visit this blog daily to get inspired and learn something new that is how badly I try to meet you half way.


It has taught me a lot about growing a personal brand: Actually most people think I just woke up in the morning and said well I’m going to be writing about careers only. That’s not what happened, I was writing about it all. Fashion, Fitness and health and Careers then I realized most of you were mainly interested in my career pieces and motivational pieces so you made my work easier and I changed the www.sarahnamulondo.com brand with your help.You have by far helped me stick to it and made me understand what I represent in your minds.

It has showed me that consistence is the only key to development: Without consistency I don’t know whether most of you would have trusted me with your MBs, redirecting to the website every chance you get. But what I have learned from consistency is that it can never fail you unless you don’t want to develop.

My writing has improved so much in that when I read through some of the articles I have written I’m usually shocked I ever thought up such inspirational and intelligent content (I’m always blown away). And what they say about hard work comes to life when you consistently do the same thing daily, that’s when you’ll see the pay.


It has taught me a lot about real time goal setting: With a blog I have learned real time goal setting and achieving anticipated outcomes. I have learned to set social media goals, traffic goals for every month and marketing goals.

Break them down in all four weeks of the month and today I reached one of my traffic goals and it felt so amazing and exciting I couldn’t have done it without you. The goal setting has taught me time management, where to focus most in my career per month or week. It just helps balance out my life so I have the perfect work-life balance.

Right now from where I’m standing I don’t have to defend my Career, the fact that I am hardworking is written all over this blog, the fact that I am creative and enterprising is all over the blog and need I point out your best of them all…I actually do think outside the box and my next recruiter wouldn’t even dare give me an aptitude test because I’m the real deal (now here I’m bragging). 🙂

That is how badly you should start a blog about your field of expertise because it’ll give you real time work experience.



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