Why Fresh Graduates don’t need friends at work


As a fresh graduate you don’t need to get friends on the work force, older workers can be able to create and sustain these friendships in a mature and sensible way because of their experience in life.

But it is quite tricky for a fresh graduate to do so. You may want to disagree with me on this one but first hear me out. Having associates (colleagues) at work is very okay with me because you’ll definitely need to co-exist with your work colleagues at the end of the day.

friends at work

But becoming best friends forever (BFF’s) with them should be out of the question. Friendship itself as it is, puts a level of expectations on whoever is seeking to have such a relationship.

So it is advisable to avoid such relationships that is why someone coined the word colleague and it doesn’t in any way synonymously mean friend. But if you intend to pursue such relationships in the work place here are some down sides to it.

If you have friends on the work force you’ll be obliged not to compete for a promotion with your friends in case all of you are interested in that particular promotion. If you in any way go ahead with it you’ll be called traitor and for the best part ostracized and hated by most. Of which if you ask me that is the best time in anyone’s career because you actually get to work to work and nothing more (it could easily get you promoted).

You’ll have to be part of conversations you don’t want to be a part of just because your friend is feeling bad so you as friend is obliged to listen and give counsel as opposed to completing a pressing project that has been on your desk for a while. Worse still at your age you may have not formed enough character to say no to your friends when you feel like its interfering with your work.


Your friends will require you to follow suit if they disagree with your boss even though you actually find no fault with your boss. This here is very true!

Some of them will even take it a notch lower by manipulating you into their battles with certain individuals in the work place.  As a newbie, you’ll start having emotional warfare with people you have no problem with just to stand in solidarity with your friends against someone who is neither your foe nor your friend.

If your friends or friend is not doing a certain activity that is required to improve your work ethic or skill, chances are you’ll get influenced not to do it just to fit in with your friends forgetting that your career is your personal responsibility not a group affair.

You’ll be forced to get comfortable at work and start taking your job for granted by coming in late simply because you have someone to cover for you at work which you wouldn’t be able to pull off in the first months of your employment because you wouldn’t have friends to rely on to lie on your behalf.

Generally having friends in the work place is crippling for your career growth.




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