Why personal time off is good for your emotional strength


There is nothing amazing and refueling like taking some personal time off this weekend. Just drop everything that has been piling up on you for the rest of the week emotionally.

It is finally time for you to download it this weekend at the beach, in a club, movie theater, in a book on a topic you’ve never considered reading or just spend it listening to great music which was created with the purpose of healing.

In the book women are from Venus, men are from Mars, John Gray indicated that studies show that both woman and men are exposed to stress and emotional pollution in the work place.

Therefore there is need for emotional housecleaning for both parties at some point in life. Men will naturally need to pull away from everything and everyone to refuel if they are under a greater amount of stress at work and women will go through several mood swings to clean up.

That is why it is very important to take some personal time off and feed your emotional weaknesses, bind and strengthen those areas that need your attention most, so that they don’t spill over in the way you communicate with others or the way you treat others.


Even if you’re Ugandan, there is nothing wrong with spending 2mins under the sun to warm up a bit as you reflect on the events of the week.

Go to the Zoo and apply to be care taker for a day, feed animals, and interact with different species to get some quiet time a lone to think and learn more about yourself because the more you know about your inner most needs the better placed you are to feed them and become a better person.


Go to a kid’s park and just bounce away in the bouncing castle and let all that stress build up blow over with hysterical laughter.

I just dare you to go out and play hard, talk to a stranger, dance at any club in your neighbourhood, watch a movie that will inspire your next business idea, book idea, watch some comedy and crack up or go to a theatre.

Just ensure you spend some personal time alone not with a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend or even wife/husband and kids. Just spend this time alone, it doesn’t matter whether it is a few hours because it is important that you reconnect, rewire and revitalize the over worked you.

Enjoy your weekend






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