Why the Bandage Fashion Trend is not fit for Me


I am a full time freelance writer and writer for my website and meeting people on a daily basis requires me to present myself in a fashionable way. So I catch the hype of the bandage trend and got me a tight nice skirt. It matched with my yellow lace jacket and the look pulled together was splendid.

When I stepped out of the house I easily got around but the moment I hit town and had to walk to different offices and taking stairs I nearly passed out. The skirt was so tight to allow movement; I kept stretching further to get by which rolled the skirt further up. Often I reached my sources offices nearly panting while pulling down the skirt. It was so uncomfortable it kept my thighs rubbing which caused irritation and development of small blisters.


In fact Kim Kardashian was right when she said “you are not supposed to breath in a bandage dress” in the movie Temptation. They are so tight and cheek if you see them on a mannequin but on a human form it is hard to pull off unless you plan to stand around in one position all day.
I got muscle pull and general joint fatigue since I spent most of the time trying to stretch my legs in movement.  The bandage trend is meant for a few lucky girls like Secretaries and Receptionist.
Share your bandage trend experiences with us and how to effectively you wear it.


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