Why you need a personal slogan for your career


I believe all of you have heard the term personal branding thrown around by your supervisors or bosses. But it can never be complete without a personal slogan. I have realized big corporations; Schools, Colleges and Universities use slogans that are punchy to reflect the culture of their organizations.


100% of these companies success lies in their slogan and they work hard to live up to them at the same time market them.

It is very important for every one reading this to get a personal slogan that sums up everything they stand for professionally and personally. This is  because it’s easier for people to relate with hype than with the real deal and slogans have this effect. People will know you’re slogan more than they know you, because as consumers they will take on the life of your slogan in a replicating manner.

At the independent Magazine the slogan is “You buy the truth, we pay the Price” and am telling you somehow that slogan transforms you so much in that the Independent team is committed to presenting the truth no matter what the price is.

You’ll also notice most of us are scared of going to Luzira Maximum prison because they made sure to add the word maximum in between so the brand Luzira prison wears the face of maximum a word which intrigues heavily protected and secure place which you can’t break out of.

In Uganda Warid was and still is one of those companies that had my favourite slogan “Warid make it happen”.  This slogan drove their company culture and they indeed made it happen from the Warid CEO, Management Team, Advertising and Marketing, the cleaners, the cooks, engineers and switch board personnel they all worked hard to make it happen and they introduced most of the enjoyed telecom services to us which would probably still be unheard of in Uganda. Truth is Warid made it happen although they merged with Airtel they set the bar so high for Airtel.


MTN is not an exception it is everywhere you go, they stand by their motto and they guarantee it. In every single corner of Uganda you’ll have your MTN network on, everywhere you go.

That’s how important a personal slogan is to every career oriented person, it’ll help you keep focused; create a personal brand around it and you’ll tend to become it without realizing because somehow it holds the power to transform you into itself as you see it every single day.

coca cola

A personal slogan is like those police sirens that clear the way for the President or Ambulances, it will clear your professional path and help you avoid misdirection.

It will pop out on your C.V, cover letter or resume in fact the hiring committee or HR will look at you in the light of your personal slogan than at face value so please make sure you measure up.

Take out a piece of paper, pen or pencil. Please no I pads /Iphones or Tablets allowed this is a writing challenge. Anyway write five characteristics that describe you, three professionally and two personally. Then come up with ten slogans that best describe you and choose the best two. Go ahead and ask your friends what they think about them then proceed to add them to all your social buttons and most importantly on your C.V/Resume/Cover letter.

Below are a few more of my favourite slogans

Sarah Namulondo “Am amazing enough to change the world”.

Victoria University “Change your life, get a place at Victoria University”.

Bell Lager “Unleash the Champion in You”.

Shell “designed to last longer”.

Nokia “connecting people”

Apple “Think different”

KFC “It’s finger lickin’ good”

Coca cola “Its the real thing”

Pepsi “is Pepsi okay?”

Nike “Just do it”

McDonalds “am lovin’ it”

Gillette “we’re just going to add more blades”

Addidas “Impossible is nothing”

Microsoft “Be whats Next”

And lastly i have a suggestion ” toughen up, because you want to change the world”.




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