Writing saved my life from Unemployment


Earlier on I didn’t know what it was; everyone thought I was crazy, straight up mad. A manic who didn’t know where to channel their creativity, I was misunderstood, all the girls played with their dolls, I told mine stories.

writing hemingway

School wasn’t easy, when I tried to play with the other kids they called me crazy, where they saw a stone I saw a crocodile and I had a story line to follow that. One time some bitch called me mad and I threw dirt in her eyes. She threw some more dirt my way and we were both blinded by our anger.

At age 8, I was well rehearsed, I could read and write on my own while other kids stressed on that. At first snow white was shy but I managed to make a worthy friend out of her.

Then I discovered sleeping beauty, the little mermaid, the three bears and Alice in wonderland. All of them had some time on them to play with someone like myself without judging.

With those books I was able to be anywhere I wanted, my mind drove me far out to the woods in sleeping beauty’s world and with that it was just a matter of time before I took it in my own hands.

writing saved me

In high school I started my own writer’s club and only two people signed up, Fredah Ajaro and Nabukalu Jackie. But after our first writing assignment, my new member’s quit on the club because somehow they said the tables were rigged in my favour.

That wasn’t even my intention, the story just came to me while I was busy looking for inspiration. Even with that set back my journey was clear cut. Sometimes I pretended to be blind to it but somehow I knew writing had chosen me.

So many different writer’s I copied from, Ousmane Sembene, William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemmingway, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and the ghosts of the many writer’s books I read but don’t remember who authored them, I was set and molded from their hands…sometimes I got crushed and re-molded again but it just made me better.

Never looked for a job a day in my life, straight out of university writing rolled out the red carpet for me. True story, my life only happens in movies, it’s hard to believe but with no degree in literature or English I headed to the most coveted media house like I had just landed out of writer’s Ville.

jobless writing

With no idea of how story ideas are created or how to source one, Joseph Were adopted my madness like a lonely professor ready to clip off the ruggedness of his wild cat, like he liked to call me.

Till this day I don’t know how I convinced him, hiring me wasn’t anything a sane Editor in Chief would do but he put his career on line for me, I must have been some potential.

Every day I went to work there I knew it was a privilege and an honour. That is why I worked so hard not to let myself down and two months down the road the rookie had a cover story.

story writing

Everything is history now. Somebody pinch me because yesterday I was just 8 and now 18 years later I’m living my dream. I would say I got lucky but I don’t even know how to phrase it either may be I’m lucky I work hard or I’m just out right blessed.

Marburg was such a blessing to my writing career because it brought out my element and I went out in search for Professor Dr Bernard Thimm, the man responsible for sending the green Vervet Monkeys to Marburg, Germany where the disease was first seen on the world stage. I found him after he had just spent two nights in Uganda…wow!!!

I just happened to be getting better and even when I thought it was over on June 7th 2013, writing gave me one more chance. I started my writing practice online and deep down we all knew if I did it online it would push me to get better and pay more attention to my writing.

I never intended to inspire anyone or even get people to read what I wrote because I was even shy to show it around but wow…you all know what’s happening to me now.

writing reporting

I get to wear too many hats, editor, writer and proof reader. I didn’t even know what I was doing was called blogging but I guess now I can say I have my own blog and people rev about my madness. I just wish my doll Sarah was here to see how far our stories have gone.

Men!!! What a crazy life, writing saved my ass from unemployment and I get to seat in my bed crafting all the madness that gets on my website and that which goes to my clients.

Seriously!!! It wasn’t my intention to work right out of my bed because that is where the creative genius lives but I’m just so glad we are changing the world through writing and trust me I’m so thankful I promise you a Pulitzer.

Thank you so much Ms Leslie, Mr. Kabambwe, Paul Mubiru, Ronnie Sekandi, Joseph Were, and Andrew Mwenda. You guys saved my life and I can only repay you by becoming the best picture of myself I can create daily.



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