You can never chase money organize for it


Quite often people shift from one business to another simply because they have heard that people are reaping highly from it.  Anyone remember the Moringa days, the silver fish fad, the hot pepper fad, the coffee and vanilla fad now we have business people exporting from China and Dubai.

Some have success stories while others have not so inspiring stories. But what makes the difference between business people who have success stories and those who don’t?What makes some people employees of the year while others get fired?

Have you ever had a relative or someone you know that left this Country to go abroad for work but came back poorer than they left?


Then you have another relative who never left the Country, looked so destitute, you never thought they would make it but somehow they did and you can’t wrap your mind around how they did it!

Robert Kiyosaki said, change your focus from making money to serving more people and serving more people will make the money come in.

Here is how?

Start with your thoughts: How bad do you want to get and have money, what do you plan to use it for once you get it, where do you plan to invest it. Is it in your mind, a business idea you have held back on for quite some time or do you plan to spend it.

The decision you make when you get money will determine who you become whether you are a money chaser or the person that sits down organizes their thoughts and starts attracting money like athletes do, musicians do, composers do and many more creative people do.

Don’t quit your low paying job: Instead look for ways to increase the cash in-flow at your company, come up with a nice proposal that will increase the company’s profit margin so that you can get a pay rise or better yet a promotion for your efforts because men who do things without being told draw the most wages, says Edwin H Stuart.


The same applies to that business you want to close down and venture into another one, innovate and apply your ideas to it before you run off into another business with the hopes of profiting more.

If your ideas fail, try new ones until you can get the ideas that work well enough to generate the amount of money that you desire. If men like Aga Sekalala gave up on ideas like UgaChick under the pretext of a certain Luganda proverb that says “if you want to become a loser in business, deal in the business of buying and selling eggs”, UgaChick wouldn’t have become a model family business icon that it is today.

Drop this mindset of the grass is greener in your neighbour’s compound: of course the grass will be greener at your neighbour’s because they are working hard while you are doing a great job peeping at their compounds wishing to own them and then start being unfair to yourself by comparing your laziness to someone else’s hard work.

Thomas Edison had to say this, “ work while others are wishing, if people only knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all”. Therefore just put in the work, organize yourself for success whether people are watching or not.


Steven Kiprotich ran for 6 years as an anonymous athelete, practiced hard on most of the days of those 6 years, not complaining, not wishing he was born in another Country and when the opportunity found him, Kiprotich was marathon ready, 6 years of hard work were displayed on the world stage in a matter of split seconds.

Don’t wish for money to come to you and don’t chase money just organize yourself and success will show up when you least expect it.You’ll be too tired to even be excited for yourself but the world will embrace your success as if it were their own.

That is what organizing for money is, I don’t want to go into how much Kiprotich attracted after winning that Olympic medal. But we all know he has been attracting money to himself since then and not a single day has he gone around chasing it.



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