Its 2015, what path are you taking?


I know most of you reported back to work today and most of you are hoping to change careers this year, some are hoping to change jobs, get promoted, ace that aptitude test or go back for further studies.

new years resolution path

Earn more money, get married, have children, work abroad, buy land or a car. Those are all amazing paths to take but sadly on December 31st 2015 no one will still remember the man or woman who got promoted, bought a car or went back to school. Everybody will be remembering the person that changed their lives.

The book they read that touched their souls, the physician who saved their lives and the friend who came along and helped them see themselves clearly. Only you will still remember these milestones at the end of this year because they greatly affected your life.

Over the years I have always known what I wanted to do in the next year before December and I would plan out my entire year month by month and somehow with help I achieved all my goals

But this time round on New Year’s Eve I still had no plan, which really scared me because I wanted to do something for myself. I wanted to take on a challenge, something to keep me busy throughout the year.

crossroads path

Unfortunately my mind was in a mental freeze. Then I started hating the coming of the New Year, I worried and gnashed my teeth in frustration. Picked up my journal several times to write down my thoughts per hour as the year closed in.

Then this popped up in my mind, the question at this time of year is not “What will I accomplish in 2015?” The question is “What can I do in 2015 to figure out what my life is for, and move in the direction of that mission?”

Now truthfully I know what my path is, trying to side track it with a couple of To-do goals in 2015 is to put barriers around my own path.

Looking at myself in the mirror now I know deeply the most important thing in every year for me is enhancing and developing my path in whichever way possible and not to set goals or New Year’s resolutions that will side track me from my real purpose.

purpose path

And that purpose is to achieve my dreams whether I am rich or poor, whether I am married or not, whether I have a car or not, whether I got promoted at work or not.

That is my path, if it leads me into a financial desert. I look to it to lead me into financial freedom. If it leads me to total distraction like it does sometimes, I look at why I started in the first place to get back on track but I don’t compromise it for anything.

And that is a very hard thing to do but if you are willing to drop all your dreams for money, I believe you can drop the pursuit of money for your dreams.

What are you going to do this New Year, are you going to search for your path or are you going to accomplish your goals or resolutions? Share

with me in the comments below.



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