25 songs that make writing a bed of roses for me


Writing is the most exciting experience for me, because it cleanses my soul and states exactly what I want to say. Doing it with music helps my stories sync (sing) without trying at all because all I do is listen to a rhythm of a song and follow the beat and reproduce another extension of the artist’s songs through my stories.

Those that know me truly know my entire life is made up of different art forms but music above writing is an art form that is above all art forms on my part.

Below are the songs that make writing an exciting experience for me and I hope you enjoy my play list;

If you’re out there John Legend

On this song I wrote the story, Dear Graduates welcome to the real world.

Keep on walking Maurice Kirya and the African Children’s choir

I just love this song will listen to it even for no good reason and I truly have written many stories on it but most of them elude my memory.

Mulembe gwa Kirya Maurice Kirya

On this one I wrote the story, never get afraid when your dreams change.

Sip from the Nile

On this one I have written several stories on its beat but I will mention one of the stories which is, if you’re gossiping about your boss right now step forward.

Yoga Yoga

On this song like others I have written several stories but the one I truly remember is this one, Why I celebrate Independence starting from 1988. It gives me a great sense of patriotism, that’s why I like this song.

Music saved my life Joell Oritz feat B.O.B

The first time I listened to this song, I felt reborn totally and after repeating it three times, I was set to write this story, writing saved my life from unemployment. And I have written other stories on its beat but I am only mentioning the first stories I wrote on the songs.

Let it be Labyrinth

Champion Mun-g and Naava

Marburg puzzle reaveled

Overtime Ace Hood

We made it Busta Rhymes ft Linkin Park

I believe R.Kelly

Going through Changes Eminem

Story is, why you should never want to be me when you grow up Aturinda

Guts Over fear Eminem and Sia

Story is, Stop lying to the world that you have a dream

I need a doctor Eminem feat Dr. Dre

Almost Famous Eminem

You’re never over Eminem

I don’t wanna fight Maurice Kirya

Empire state of mind Jay Z and Alicia Keys

Legendary Dj Khaled ft Keysia Cole

25 to life Eminem

I did this story on two songs going through changes and this one, the story is why you should never want to be me when you grow up Aturinda

Kijja Kugwa Ps Wilson Bugembe

Champion Chris Brown and Chipmunk

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Won’t back down Eminem feat Pink

When I first heard this song it stirred a lot of emotion on the inside. I wasn’t going to let the beat go without interpretation and I wrote the story

Not Afraid Eminem

Snitch Obie Trice




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