3 Celebrity Documentaries That Have Changed My Outlook on Life


The media let’s us view some celebrities as empty quirky heads that are desperate for attention but they often under look the life lesson we can draw from these over achievers. I watched the documentary of lady Gaga, Rihanna and Tyrese and they helped me know that I too, can and will get where I want to get no matter what happens.

Here is the first of the three, Tyrese Gibson’s journey to success in;

A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete (Tyrese Gibson)


In his documentary Tyrese was planning a comeback to the music scene and he had recorded a couple of songs. He felt the need to call a couple of friends with some industry experts to listen to his work. His friends loved it; the industry experts said the kind of music he had recorded would have been hot back in the 1990’s. However the experts were wrong, Tyrese trusted his gut and released the album which was later nominated for the Grammy’s.

That setback in his career showed me that getting rejected by some people does not mean that you are a failure. It means you need to believe a little more or believe in yourself even more.

Still in his biographer he talks about topics from his book MANOLOGY and one of them was about love and relationships.He pointed out that these days people are singing songs about independence and making statements like “ get out of here…I don’t need you in my life…I can live without you” but at the end of the day the longing to be loved will still haunt you and all you will need is love.

From that I learned that love is a very crucial part of life and no matter how many times you get hurt, real love is always a blessing from above to be part of and to take part of.

It’s very important to stay in a relationship with that annoying person and instead work hard at finding different ways that please the person that makes you want to be different in so many ways too, other than look for alternatives that satisfy your sex urge for a day, a week or month.

One of his quotes am keeping is ” I was broke and had to find a way to deal with my Broke”.



Rihanna is one of the most bashed celebrity when it comes to social media, I was at one time forced to believe she is a total blonde. But her documentary threw me a back, when she talked about her work and how important it is to her.

She said sometimes she gets tired and doesn’t feel like recording but she knows if she doesn’t do it, no one will. During the Talk that Talk Music tour in London she said she had been brushed by poisonous ivy and her skin was bleeding, she felt so sick but she had to go to studio and record some songs her album.

She went ahead to do her job and recorded the album that was nominated as a deluxe and platinum album. At the time of the talk that talk tour the album she recorded while in pain was number one on I-tunes in London the week she was to perform there.

From her I learned the kind of relationship I should have with my work and career. A quote I got from her and want to remember is “when you don’t feel like doing it, and you know that you are the only person that can do it, it’s so important that you go ahead and do it”.

Lady Gaga by Paul Gaultier-Documentary


Lady Gaga is the most controversial celebrity of the three and if I was told in 2010 that she would be my Idol in 2014, I would have said get out of here. But she is! and the most surprising thing that inspires me about her is that she used her body to let the world know that she can sing.

After being ignored for several years as the decent girl who can sing, Gaga took it in her hands to show the world her kind of different and her music got heard. Her experience taught me that some times embracing my extreme individuality holds the key to unlocking the doors of the highest me.

A quote I loved from her is “people have lined up to try and give us different ideas on what they think we should be” but we should first and foremost understand and desire to be our own original, not a stereotype but exclusively sinking into our original.

I learned that practicing the same things that everyone is doing makes me blend in and crushes my creative. I should be able to go beyond the boundaries into becoming more of myself than becoming that which everyone expects me to be. This will help me so much with developing my character and becoming an ambassador of my own brand that God ordained me to spread.

From Gaga I was able to understand that I am my happiest when I am my own kind of different. Cast out by others or not, I love my special. I am God’s most brilliant innovation and most beautiful venture. A miracle he can’t forget because the moment he was done with me, he felt epic.

I am God’s different version of a miracle and so are you whoever you are.


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