30 blog posts I enjoyed writing


When I reread all these blog posts it gives me a clear idea on how I have evolved as a writer and blogger. I call all these blog posts gifts from God because these stories came to me. Like you knock on someone’s door and they say come in, these came in when I stopped talking and listened to my soul and it started speaking (kind of get how weird or crazy this is but it comes with the territory).

I love these stories for their purity, gullibility and humble settings. I loved writing them and reading them because they came from such an aware spirit. Every time I have nothing to write about I go back and forth to try and figure out what to write from these stories and I have never been disappointed.

I know some of you have enjoyed these stories and as a matter of fact they can still be enjoyed if you make a decision to click on the link 🙂

The human race is so hypocritical

being perfect

Writing saved my life from Unemployment

writer me

Why does God Hire Amateurs?


Taking bribes at work will give you leprosy


The slut, the feminist and the spinster you make the perfect woman

cover slut

Meet my social media soldiers

cover material

blogging gave me a chance to dream again


Why I celebrate Independence starting from 1988


My 2019 predictions from the Pakasa Forums


What Newton’s Laws of Motion will teach you about life


A love letter to Sarah

love feat

The colonization of your mind

featured mind

The saddest thing about unemployment


Build your brand the Bbale Francis way

bbale cover

Forget self employment give me a job


How fear nearly messed up my Life


Lessons from the dying man: how I overcame my fear of rejection


Life doesn’t care about your dreams so work faster

cover pic..

Never get afraid when your dreams change


Facing Criticism or Judgment: Here is something that will help.


5 things I share in common with Golola Moses


You should care about the job you have now

cover job

The Politics of being Sarah Namulondo

dd 2

If it doesn’t kill you make money out of it


How main stream media kills writers

writing feat

The career pursuit that broke my heart


Stop lying to the World that you have a dream

cover dream

Its 2015, what path are you taking?

path feat

Why Jesus became one of us

jesus among us

Last Christmas I missed my family

christ feat

why you should never want to be me when you grow up Aturinda.

day dream

Why I smile harder than anyone else I meet


9 Years of pain: Why that menstrual pain could be something more than just pain


Happy reading 🙂




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