4 Journalism tactics that will help you with your job search


Haven’t you ever wondered, why journalist always seem to be so confident, full of airs even when they don’t earn a lot of money? Here is the trick; they know how to open doors and sometimes kick open doors that will open up a can of worms for some individuals.

Having doors open, opportunities to explore appear and you mount them hands on is very fulfilling and if you have an ounce of that on your job search. You my friend have learned a trick or two but to those who haven’t here are the 4 tactics I learned as a journalist and I’m so sure will help in your job search.

The technique of;

cold calling

COLD CALLING: This is the hardest part and it takes a lot of guts picking up the phone and calling a stranger to ask them for help or a job. My advice here is; be friendly not weirdly friendly and ask if you can meet up with them or asks for an email address and emails them.

Usually it is good for you to state your name and the reason for your call as soon as possible not to waste your time and the person you’re calling.

MAKE APPOINTMENTS: I had to learn this the hard way. Silly I armed with the idea that if people saw me they would make time to see me, very barbaric approach. After spending countless hours on no end waiting to be fixed on the appointment list I learned never ever to go meet a source without an appointment.

It is tiresome, you won’t have any structure in your life and you’ll be viewed as an unserious person forcing your way around people’s scheduled lifestyles. So if you are not the President of this country, no one will have an emergency meet up with you if you don’t have an appointment.

Always make an appointment whether in person or by phone and keep time for god’s sake.


GET A FIXER: Getting a fixer is a very good thing since you have the privilege to know insider knowledge about your company of choice. Usually most job seekers look out for the receptionist but I believe the receptionist is big competition for me since she meets very many people like me in a day and probably will forget me.

Your ultimate, timely, know it all fixer is the cleaner or tea girl…wait a minute are you serious!!! Yes I am! You will be shocked at the amount of information cleaners have on the leaders and the people who matter in the organizations, the structure of hiring and all that. Cleaners and tea girls are always willing to gossip freely because they believe they don’t matter so they gossip about everyone without caring.

When you show them that you will respect them, sympathesize with them you won’t believe the well of knowledge you will have tapped into. You’ll have company culture on your figure tips because these people have the privilege to walk in and out of meetings; they get to hear every single thing whether in private phone calls or conversations the cleaner is an ever present fixer.


After cleaning there only job is observation and what better technique should a fixer have than observation They know the time the bosses get to work, the hours they walk out, who visited the boss and what mood did he/she leave the boss in. The cleaner has all this information and that is your ultimate fixer.

ALWAYS CHECK, RECHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK: “When your mother tells you, you’re beautiful, find out why”? That is a slogan my former Editor used to use for check, recheck and double check. Whenever you go out job hunting and someone tells you, there are no jobs, always check it out, investigate it if you must but don’t believe whatever you are told.

Last year I called up “a supposed friend” of mine at New Vision Newspaper to find out if they had openings for writers but my “friend told me they didn’t need any more writers and matter of fact the company was retrenching some workers. I believed her and told the young girl who had sought my help about it but encouraged her to meet one of the Editors and check it out.

When she did, she found out that New Vision needed more writers and a week later they advertised in their paper. Could it be that my supposed “fixer” had no idea about it or she lied to me? Who knows? Anyway what’s more important here is that you should always check, recheck and double check before giving up.

Job hunting is a strenuous activity and for some parts it feels like forever before you get yourself a substantial job that will keep your heart and mind from racing around.

Keep heart and keep searching, it will be over before you know it but until then I will always get you some of the insider information on how to delve through this emotional roller coaster.




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