My 5 Career Wise Men of 2014


December is the season everyone celebrates the birth of Christ and his contribution to the formation of Christianity. In this article I am also sharing with you the five people that contributed to the formation of Sarah’s-osophy (

2014 for me didn’t start out as bright as you could imagine. There were a lot of things that went south when we were aiming for the north.

I lost a lot of money in shitty hosting and web designing deals that didn’t pay off but the following people gave me enough strength to hold it together.

Wise Man Number One: Ortega Ian



Men!!!! I don’t know what I would have done without your help. The crazy phone calls you endured and the constant in-boxes on how I should buy a domain name and from whom. All that advice sunk well with me throughout the year.

The first time I created the facebook page and only invited you, only to come back 2 hours later so scared of what would happen to me if I shared my life with the world…I was headed for the delete button only to see I had 46 page likes from your friends before I posted anything.

That was some invaluable love because then I had no way of running away from the 46 but rather to become a worthy shepherd. You didn’t stop there, you just kept pushing and pushing like if I lost, you would in some way be losing yourself.

You held my hand while I crossed over to the cyber world, I had no idea what it would all turn into but somehow you knew. This year you shared with me your most valuable friends, some of whom now I call my own.

You always put everything aside to see to it that whenever I inbox you with a problem, you get into over drive to help me find a solution. That is not even your business but I must count myself among the lucky few that you do these things for.

In 2014 Ortega Ian you were my most valuable friend to the end no one can dethrone you.

Wiseman Number Two: Tom Mukooli


I don’t think you still remember the first day I met you, I smelled desperate. I don’t even know how you imparted the strokes of patience into me when all I wanted was to have the website better, up and running in just seconds.

Oh shit, you saved me from myself. I was about to make the worst deal, trading my smart career for something you knew I would easily get. Your lessons in patience, business and life at large helped me a lot and I shared most of them on this website.

I am so thankful that in 2014 you have been and continued to be one of my intellectual leaders in business. I don’t know what I would have done without you and Ciara has the best father in the world ever.

Wiseman Number Three: Martha Nansamba


Huh!!! you are the best sister I could ever ask for and the best girlfriend of all time considering the fact that you are my only girlfriend. I don’t know what I would have done without your career advice, motivation and inspiration.

You constantly push me to the limit to become my best self. My career wins are your victories and my failures are your failures. You have always extended your financial muscle when my 2+2 doesn’t equal 4. That is when you step forward and make it 4.

I loved sharing your house for the past months and just getting the feel we had when we were still kids. I love you so much.

Wiseman Number Four: Kagoya Geoffrey


My!! You and I weren’t even supposed to be friends but I am glad we did forge a friendship. This year you met my fears head on with the most inspiring words. Most of them I put up on my notice board and re-read them daily and still draw so much.

From you I don’t get a lot of love but the uprightness of a coach. Whenever I try to hang my fighting gloves, you blow the whistle and I get back to business like a startled dog. Sometimes I want to say I got lucky to be here but you are mainly part of the reason I’m still here.

Wiseman Number Five: Stefen Kalwazi


You I found too late but it was worth it. You summed up my blogging career by hooking me up with a free blog design and colour I love. You were the best teacher ever and up to this day you never waver to offer your help when I come through.

You are on my five wise men list of 2014 because your knowledge and wisdom plus friendship has seen me go far with my writing and when I felt down you just smiled and said that is so simple but I’m not your father.

Shit you cracked me up for some minutes there.

Thanks guys all of you mattered to me in 2014 and I feel blessed I found you guys. It is not a mistake we made it through this year stronger than ever.

Those were my five career wise men of 2014. Who were your career wise men of 2014? share with me in the comments below.





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