5 reasons why you are not getting a job


Over the years I have realized it is very useless to go on a job search that is fruitless, it’s disheartening and emotionally stressful. So today I came up with 5 things that could be standing between you and that job you want;


Timing: Most companies are used to hiring on a quarterly basis or on a 6 months basis or hire once per annum. It’s very important if you put this in mind before you apply for that job to help you get a better chance of getting into your company of choice.

Technique: The mistake we all make as job seekers is we all use the same technique in the book. Write an application letter and send it along side your C.V. Seriously!!! How many people do you think are doing that? You have to learn the rules of competition and know that you should always be above your opponents.

You might as well read the game theory before heading out for that job search but anyway back to technique. If everyone sends in their C.V for the job you want, meet the HR, have a talk with them about the Company and the business and what it takes for you to work in that company.

Then use their feedback to craft a nice competitive work plan that can help you get in. Now I know you’ll ask me how you can get to the level of meeting the HR. For those techniques you’ll have to read my article tomorrow on 5 journalistic skills that will help you on your job search.

But for now practice cold calling the HR’s if you must, invite someone who works at that company for lunch or coffee and find out what the company culture is all about or the hiring culture.


Never go for advertised jobs: Usually I never like to apply for advertised jobs, it’s probably why I do get jobs easily. You see when a job is advertised, you have to put forward your best campaigning techniques. On this kind of job usually they choose candidates who appeal to them, candidates who have personality as opposed to those who can do the job.

Why? Because advertised jobs are like mini-political campaigns, you have to outsmart all your opponents and advertised jobs have a number of them like one man against 100 people.

You’ll be judged on how well you followed the instructions as opposed to how you can capably do the job. It’s just so painful that is why it is important to always find your own jobs, go fishing and catch your own fish, that way you’ll have bated your own fish and when you find the job you can play by your own rules because then, you have more power over the Company of your choice.

Never stop at the Gate: How embarrassing is that, you go out on a job hunt and you stop at the gate!!! Who does that? Are you looking for a job as a security guard (read Askari). My! You are an insult to your graduating class but anyway seriously to avoid this debacle always know more about the company you want to work for more than the security guard knows.


Just go by one day and watch from outside how the people, who come out of their look like, interact with each other. Stop one and ask them who the HR is, where they seat and what their name is probably even mobile number.

Open lines of communication so that when you go by, you boldly tell the security guard who you are going to see. That will be your free pass in and then while on the inside find ways of getting to the HR. That way you have a 50/50 chance of striking a deal as opposed to the guy who stopped at the gate or who sent in their C.V.

Never put all your eggs in one basket: When you send in or take your application to a company and they tell you, they will call you, don’t stop hunting for other available jobs. If they tell you they will call you, they will and if they break their word and don’t call you, that’s about them breaking their word not you.

So you have no right to get hurt, shake it off and move on. If you have a wide net of job offers to choose from you get in a better bargaining position as opposed to the person who applies to only one company.

These are some of the things I do on my Job hunts and for sure they have been going pretty well. What tricks do you use on your job hunts? Share with me in the comments.




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