5 things I share in common with Golola Moses


When Golola Moses got beat up at his much publicized match with the American Kick boxer, Richard Abraham, he didn’t mind about the critics. In fact he got straight in the camera and said “ I am coming back to fight, I am going to get back that belt because it belongs to me and this defeat doesn’t make me any less of a kick boxer”.

I loved his spirit and when I heard him say that, I realized we wear the same spirit in different bodies. Below are some of the things I share with Golola Moses and they could be helpful to you too in your Life and Career.

1. Don’t be scared of Losing: Every single day I strive to fail because when I fail, It gets easier for me to go forward, I grow and strive more to become an individual.  I practice until I get the fastest and easiest technique in which to do that which I am failing at.

It doesn’t matter how many failed attempts I get, I will try as much as possible to learn the new technique and get the character to poses it along the way.


2. Blow your horn: I love blowing my horn, even when I truly know I can’t really pull off something, but that’s why we have time. I will buy me small time, over time, sleep time, lunch time and every time to be able to pull it off in an amateur way and push harder to learn on the job.

I don’t mind getting embarrassed while at it because I have learned to make failure my personal best friend, without it I wouldn’t be here today.

3. Abuse your body as much as you can to get what you want: Golola can afford to be ridiculed, beaten his mind out, have his body shake with pain but his not going to give up any time soon. If you read his statement above you’ll just have to live with the fact that humiliation is not enough to stop him from doing what he loves.

If you are a writer the phrase writer’s block is not new to you. Just like him am not afraid to exercise my body to limits it cannot take, push it hard until inspiration drives in. In fact most people in my neighbourhood think I am an athlete. But my story is, if writers block hits me for a whole day am going to read 3 E-book a day if possible.

If the books are not good enough am going to do different types of yoga, jog as far as I can’t go and do pushups if that is what it means for me to deliver. If my legs cannot go any far and the pain is too much for me to bear I feel like am going to die, that’s when I will stop because the feeling of near death and lack of control make me want to gain control over my mind so bad.


When I do, I don’t mind writing while crying if it’s what it takes for me to enjoy a quarter of what I love to do…playing with words.

4. Always buy a coffin for your opponents and showcase where you want to put them even if you’re not there yet. A coffin is a representation of where you want to be, it doesn’t necessarily signify that you are there.

I like to play around with word art and I always use stunning colours in words that read “Sarah Namulondo…best selling writer”. I don’t care someone else is best selling writer right now, that doesn’t mean am not going to be best selling, you can laugh about it but that is the coffin I want to put all the best selling writers in right now, for me to be the reigning queen.

5. Pain, failure, doubt and fear should be your best cheerleaders. Every time am scared my wits out to do something, is when I always tell myself, just press publish and when I do I get motivated to do even more.  I use failure as a platform to grow beyond my wildest dreams.

Pain to shatter my heart open just to imagine my life without writing and that makes me want it more I am willing to work thrice as hard to get a quarter of what the best selling writers have.

Finally fear and doubt, they always result into joy and heartfelt happiness after l have achieved my wildest dreams.

PS: I encourage you to just tell yourself, this is what I want and am going to make a fool out of myself if it’s what it takes for me to do it. I am willing to lose my mind for it, sound crazy for it, blow out of control in public for it, just to become the individual.

Golola Moses or Sarah Namulondo……the key word here is……….JUST BECOME.




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  • Nazarius
    September 9, 2014

    At first i said it’s wierd for a girl to share anything with Golola Moses but after reading am impressed. Keep the spirit.

  • Stefan
    September 9, 2014

    I being a man am way too impressed with your attitude

  • Martha
    September 9, 2014

    Hahahahaha i have always known his your mentor but i like the lessons you learn from him sis. they are powerful

  • marvin
    September 10, 2014

    great words of encouragement there, will try to put this into action

  • marvin
    September 10, 2014

    great words of encouragement there, hope we all adopt to this lifestyle

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