6 tips on how to deal with being unemployed and penniless


The worst thing about being unemployed is not having money to run your own show. You can’t go anywhere as fast as you used to because you don’t control the money aspect of your life like you did back then.

That alone will make you feel insecure, helpless and sometimes depressed because you need to ask someone for money before you step out of the house or when you go out with them, you ask them for money to buy yourself some drinks.


That will really leave an awful feeling behind since most times you are embarrassed to hang around your peers for that reason. As human beings we have made money the sole end to everything we need and that is very frustrating especially if you are new in the field of unemployment.

Sometimes you will feel like even when you need to butt your eye you need to ask for permission. But to get through all that I have come up with a list of some coping mechanism below.

1. Accept things as they are until you can figure out your finances: It is so much to take in at once when you realize your money is dwindling and you have no other source of income except for your friends or relatives.

So the faster you accept that you can’t cope on your own the better it is for you and it will help you save up a lot of house items you could sell off to make ends meet.

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To those who don’t have good friends and relatives to take them through this time perhaps you have a spouse who can take you through this process while you figure out what to do without an income.

2.Be creative with the little that you have: I know since you had everything that you needed at the snap of the finger it is so hard not to have a balanced diet, nice clothes and may be that great accessory. But when you are in this situation you can still have all that by being creative.

In the case of meals you can use spices to make the meals very flavourful to appeal to you and your benefactors, recycle your clothes and play wardrobe to see which tops or dresses or shirts look good on your trousers mix them up so that they don’t look like uniforms.

For women, please use makeup and before you run out of money get yourself a hand dryer for your hair because it is a broke girl’s best friend.

Buy your own nail polish and finally learn how to craft your own jewelry if you love that. The key word here is just be creative and keep looking good because no one will hire a tired looking job seeker.

Don’t over stretch your support system: When you get offered financial support, don’t use the money to fill your ego up with luxurious items you don’t need. This is the time you need to differentiate your needs from your wants. You can always buy those when you get your own money.


Be humble but don’t become a pushover just because someone is offering you support: The bible says that adversity is the best window to the heart therefore if someone puts themselves in a position to support you; you need to find out if they are genuine.

If they are not they’ll try to use you as a pushover by asking you to do whatever they want you to do for them or go wherever they ask you to go but deep down your heart is begrudging. Be upfront and true to yourself and tell them what you can do for them and what you can’t do.

In this situation you are your most vulnerable self but it’ll serve you no good if you forget who you are and sacrifice your character at the altar of dependence.

Watch out if insecurity gets the best of you by turning you into some jealousy mean spirited person: That wouldn’t look good on you especially if you need all the help that you can get financially and network wise in order to land your next job.

Learn to be a child once again and accept some strokes of love from your parents or siblings: It won’t make you a lesser person it only makes it apparent to them that you don’t have an income so they’ll not put financial responsibilities on you in the mean time.

My list may be short so feel free to fill in the gaps in the comments below.



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