9 Ways in which to maintain the honeymoon period at your current Job


1. Act like you are still searching for that job, although you already have it.

2. Dress to impress

3. Work to impress: Often our first few months at the job we work so hard to impress our bosses or supervisors. We bring to the job a level of efficiency soldiers bring to war. We tend not to think twice before accomplishing a task because thinking twice gets people killed at war.

4. Don’t step on toes as a way to move up the ladders.

5. Be on time: It doesn’t hurt you to get to work at 6:00am or 6:30am even if you’re expected to get there at 8/9am. Just make sure those extra hours spent at work benefit you and your current employer.

6. Communicate well with your boss and colleagues. Always work out your differences with work mates or your boss when you’re not angry at them.

7. Smile even when you don’t want to.

8. Don’t gossip about colleagues while at work. Do so with personal friends outside your work place.

9. Don’t quit your job simply because your boss is angry with you or you did something to make them angry. Whatever it is it can be worked out if you employ a lot of patience.

If I had known all these tips before I took on my first job I would probably have turned out well, anyway now I understand that being part of a workforce you have to understand the politics of the work force.



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  • Jay
    September 2, 2014

    Nice piece there. Just helped me resolve an issue here

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