Blogs that have inspired me to get better


Blogging is hard especially when you are not getting all the pecks that other bloggers are receiving but a little inspiration here and there can help you go a long way.

Here is a list of the blogs and bloggers that have helped me focus mainly on the why and leave money in it’s own place.

Before I started this blog I had a major blog crush on Lauren Conrad’s blog for a year and I always wanted to have a blog that looked as girly as has. My attempts to reach that goal met with a lot of challenges but I worked so hard to at least reach my goal of taking on a girly look through my choice of colour although I went a shade hotter than her baby pink.

Lauren Conrad also helped me define my blogging frequency. At first I would blog from Monday to Monday and boy it was exhausting and then one day I visited on Saturday and realized she didn’t write a thing on Saturday or Sunday. So I decided to also do it five times a week and replenish my creative gene over the weekend for the next week.


I found this one on bloglovin and I was wowed, not by their articles but by the simplicity in which they blogged. Some days I would be buzzed for creativity and put myself under a lot of pressure to create unique content every day.

I did it for a while and it was really draining in that after writing I would need a lot of sleep because my mind felt like it was hemorrhaging. So I learned that I could share YouTube videos I liked from them. Books I read and loved and quotes that inspired me and what I learned in a day.

And my mind got a break from over thinking so I can focus on other projects that make me money but still have a happy blogging life cause let’s be honest I love blogging (it’s like having an online book I put my thoughts down in).

Sharon Mundia is a Kenyan Blogger I found through an online African blogging competition I took part in and her blog was listed so I decided to check it out. She is a lifestyle blogger in Kenya and my oh my, you won’t believe it because she took it on an international level.


Her pictures and youtube channel are flawless and done so professionally. In one of her interviews she says she decided to be the best at blogging and it took her 3 years to start getting a substantial income out of it but she kept going because she had the bigger picture in mind.

What inspires me about her is how she has managed to leverage he skills and talents to get to styling magazine shoots and working for Capital T.V Kenya. Blogging can really save anyone from unemployment if you focus on doing it as professional as possible.

Regina gives professional blogging advice on her blog from how to write your blog business plan, content sharing ideas and plug-ins that make blogging a bed of roses. Regina not only spontaneously shares her experiences her advice is not the generic blogging advice you find everywhere. So when you get to visit her blog don’t hesitate to hit that subscribe button.


Every time I receive Ramsay’s email I learn something new. I have realized that blogging can be a tool to share you and to make money. Whichever way you choose Ramsay respects that. Not only does he give the best blogging advice but also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and he answers them in real time through the comment thread. His advice too is not generic and I think he gives the best blogging advice alongside Regina. So don’t be afraid to subscribe…it is worth it.

These are the blogs that inspired me and continue to inspire me…I am looking forward to find more inspiration in the next blogging year from various blogs but so far this is it.




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