How to deal with a broken heart at work


Waking up every morning and getting ready to go to work with a broken heart is one of the bravest things anyone has to deal with in their lives ever. Having to put your emotional storm on hold in pursuit of your career regardless of how you are feeling takes a lot of courage because at work you can’t have enough closure.

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You can’t cry as much as you want or even throw the best pity party for yourself like you’d have done when you are out of the work force given the amount of time you have on you.

You are stuck in between pain and reality and the thin line between the two doesn’t make life any easier. I must say I have also not been immune to a couple of broken hearts myself on top of having to show up with my fighting face at work.

But what I realized about dealing with a broken hearts at work is, you don’t have to deal with it, broken hearts are not supposed to be mended by you, they are supposed to mend themselves.

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Trying to deal with it doesn’t take away the pain a broken heart causes so allow yourself to grieve, feel the pain, cry whenever you feel comfortable to do it and if you must discuss it, do so once with trusted friends.

And whenever you feel like dwelling on it talk to the person in the mirror, they truly know how awful you feel. They won’t judge you at all, I promise you.

Tell your immediate supervisors about it: This may be hard to do but you need to inform them in case you need to take some time off in extreme cases of depression and court battles if you’re going through a divorce. You don’t have to do it all alone you need their strokes of love and consideration but you don’t have to make it a badge after you have sorted your emotions out.

Focus on your career: Try hard and work when you are at work, don’t let your emotions consume the time you should be using in doing something productive to further your career on a man or woman who didn’t see it fit to stay with you. Focus on what you have left and excelling at one thing like your career will help you feel better about yourself and improve your confidence.

Don’t waste your time dwelling on why it happened: Don’t invest any time in figuring out why you broke up instead ignore why it happened and use that time to create a new future.

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Look at your broken heart as a war accolade my friend: You managed to step out against fear and gave your heart the permission to love someone else. That is the most beautiful and liberating feeling in life.

Living with the consequences of courage in this situation is very important and in love rejection is the consequence you’ll have to deal with if everything goes south.


Love is the most beautiful feeling you can ever get an opportunity to be part of in your lifetime therefore never take it personal when someone leaves you; it actually says a lot about the person than it says about you.

Some people’s characters are so thin they can’t stomach a small setback in the relationship or in your life in particular they will ditch you at any point anyway.

So hating yourself and finding fault with yourself is a waste of time but if it makes you feel better do so.

How do you deal with broken hearts at work? Share with me in the comments below.





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