Education is inoculation against disruption


Currently am bothered by this trend of eulogizing the uneducated successful business moguls at the detriment of education as a way of enlightenment. Come on people take a small survey, look around you’re neighbourhood, how many uneducated people are doing well? Even in Uganda at large the uneducated rich businessmen are a hand full even in the world over.

So are we going to sacrifice ourselves for the handful of people, who’re “certainly” doing well over the millions of educated people who are doing way better in different fields?


I will tell you this; an educated person can read a book and know all about Europe, science and technology. An uneducated person will need to hire someone to help them understand these things therefore will need to work extremely hard to pay off the educated person.

An educated person can read a book about any subject and feel free to talk about the experience like he was there unlike an uneducated person who will need to incur a cost to be able to get the same experience. So who is better than the other?

The system is well aware of the power you posses as an educated person and they’ll work hard to put you at a disadvantage by mentally making you feel inept.

That is why you can find a chemical engineer who cannot make a bottle bomb and a young terrorist with a lot of passion will read a manual and do it in a week.


Education is a bomb itself and they know it better than the person who is investing in it, that’s why they come to us when we have just joined University, so shrewd and cunning they tell us, education is useless because there are no jobs.

But should jobs be the only sole end to education? Just because you’ve been told jobs are not available doesn’t mean you should forget that you are education. Embrace the fact that you are educated you don’t need to take any job; you need to take THE JOB. You don’t need to leave Uganda to get a job as a maid, driver or parking lot attendant to put up a facade that you are working.


If at all it’s what you are doing then its best you do it in Uganda, but the problem is you are more proud than  goddess of pride herself. You would rather be dead than have your friends find out you are a maid or a cleaner or sweeper in Uganda.

But that is our duty to the future, to our Country. As educated Ugandans, we need to create an alternative future that the future generation will leave in. Instead of running off and rendering our services to the growth of other Countries and taking on search jobs why not take them on here or Volunteer.

The government may not hire you but what happened to volunteering; too often we view a volunteer as that white person ready to come save Africa when you owe this duty to your country. It’s not that the jobs aren’t there, that government isn’t willing to hire us, I don’t want to blame anyone.

We should just try and create some opportunities for ourselves, look for some jobs just because the next generation depends on us. That is why you were educated, that is why you were inoculated. To ensure that a better future is created.



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