Facing Criticism or Judgment: Here is something that will help.


I have always been judged harshly and I didn’t know why people judged me and criticized me in that manner. It used to hurt me a lot because sometimes other people around me would do the same thing I did but they wouldn’t be judged at all instead they would be understood.

At times I would be like, why don’t people like me? What do I have to do to make them understand me too? I hated it and it has baffled me for quite some time now. It has made me faze some people out of my life simply because they Judge me harshly it makes me ashamed of making mistakes and my weaknesses.

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But yesterday during meditation I realized I am the reason for the amount of judgment and criticism I receive and it was high time I took responsibility for it.

I Sarah Namulondo set my standards so high.

I do what’s expected of me and even what’s not expected of me.

I go above and beyond to do everything I’m asked to do perfectly and sometimes beyond perfect.

I don’t break promises.

I tell the truth even when it hurts.

So when I fall short, I am not being judged for lying or failing to complete a task, I am being judged by my own standards the one’s I set for myself. I used to always wonder why people said, “I used to respect that man/woman but what they just did…hmm I’ve lost respect for them”.


Now the statement hits home clearly. In whatever you do, whichever capacity it is in, if you set your standards high, work hard to keep up with those standards because if you don’t, it is the level at which you’ll be judgment or criticized. If you don’t want to be judged or criticized then I suggest you set your standards and goals so low in that anytime you make a mistake or fail at something you’ll be understood.

For instance as a graduate you shouldn’t hate it when people ridicule you for being unemployed, you studied and specialized in something and set your employment standards so high. If some Countries cannot afford you it is OK it shouldn’t be a point of weakness or shame, it is the standard you set for yourself. And learning to live with that decision is the best you can do for yourself.

So if you’ve been breaking up with people, hating them or even fazing them out of your life just like me, it’s time to take responsibility for your own standards. Embrace the level of judgment you receive objectively because every sentence or line of judgment that comes your way is the level at which your standards have been set.

From now on anytime someone starts judging you or criticizing you, just smile and say, hey!! Those are my standards you are listing.



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