Get off your ass and get noticed


Nobody is going to come and bail you out. The shooting stars will not come. Destiny is not going to show up and visualization is a waste of time if you don’t back it up with hard work.

As a child I was told that everyone was created with a lucky spell that will work in their lives when they grow up, they said destiny will lead me to my success and that if I wished for something on a shooting star it would come to pass.

As I grew older I waited for my destiny to unfold in my then very vibrant Hip Hop career and it did not show up…all I encountered was hard work. I waited for some sort of luck to show up in my acting career and still I met with hard work and extreme hours of practice.

work hard

I tried staying up all night to catch a shooting star and failed to see one until I got off my ass and decided to get noticed through hard work.

Most of us loathe the sound of the word hard work but it is all there is on the journey of success. Whether you are employed or not, hard work will be your boss for the rest of your life without even noticing it, he’ll tell you to wake up early, stay up late, take on extra projects and when you do he will reward you in the most amazing ways.

So today which ever capacity of education you fall in, it’s time to get off your lazy ass and set the ball rolling. Release your business idea into the world.

You want a job write 100 different compelling application letters informing you’re would be employer why you fit the position. In that when they reject the first letter, you send them another one until they get all the 100 different styles of requests from you on why they should give you that job.

This always works on social media where companies publish and republish content for visibility why not try it out in real life and see how it works out.


If you did Industrial art or anything in the art form start a painting company. There are very many lousy painters hovering over this country. Start a professional painting company and employ others to work on improving people’s houses, schools, business and even creating logos for companies in paint form.

All it takes is a roller and a few paint brushes plus a full doze of practice and bam!! You have your first client.

It doesn’t take thousands of shillings to create flyers. Granted 100% of the people will throw them away but most of them will do after reading through. Go on Microsoft publisher and get flyer templates you like and create flyers advertising your skills or business.

Serve them in spots where your target market roams and even if they don’t get to hire you or buy from you. You get the effect of reverse marketing where people get to know that your brand exists in the market or a person with your skill set exists.

Young woman opening letter

Marketing personal skill for a job Last week one of my readers asked me how she can market her skills to her would be employer in a unique way and my idea was write an application letter to all the employees of that company including the cleaners, caterers and security guards and see if you won’t be the talk of the day. That idea is crazy outlandish but its outside the box and if you take the time to write every employee it will score you the most liked employee before you even join the company. You’ll become an instant celebrity and it could score you an interview.

In life as it is even in business there is no one advice fits all you have to have the knack of doing outlandish things to stand out of the crowd. Just get off your ass and get noticed. Even the most presumed luckiest person in the world (Jesus) got off his ass, did real work and got noticed through the miracles he performed.

I like to quote Blair Waldorf a character in Gossip Girl a T.V series. This is what she said about destiny, “destiny is for losers. It’s just an excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen”.

The truth of the matter is destiny only happens to the prepared and those that are willing to work hard.






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