Why I get to work late every morning and I don’t apologize for it?


Morning meetings

You have just arrived at work, you have not yet breathed in and all of a sudden there you are in the morning meeting with all the logical questions.

Sarah, what is our core value? Can you tell us the meaning of our Mission? What are our Strategic objectives? What is your target for this week?

work late

How does effectiveness and efficiency help you on your daily job? For real I would just stay in bed and reach work at 9am just in time to seat at my desk and get to work.

My mind is usually half asleep and I don’t really know whether I wore the right shoes to work or not. All I see are stars and somehow I am expected to answer all those questions because I need my job to pay for my bills and to be honest reciting the mission, vision daily doesn’t help me at all.

The redundant discussions about your wife and kids seriously!! And at the end of the day you expect me to deliver after spending like 4 to 5 hours in the meeting.

I wish you would just have us give you updates about what we are working on rather than ask us what the mission is in every meeting.

It may sound holistically logical but in reality that doesn’t bring the money in the company

Firing questions at me which need me to think about before answering them just feeds away at the most creative time of my morning with questions which won’t bring money into the company.

Let us all face it, do the mission and core values bring money in the business and if I put in time to learn them and put in less time bringing in the money, how would you look at me at the end of the month.

boss late

Sometimes I get to work with solid ideas on how to drive marketing and sales and everything evaporates within those 5 hours.

I am usually stressed we don’t have sales quotas in check and all I get to hear about is how your business plan should be at the back of my mind.

And yet when the month draws closer to the end everyone looks at the marketing department for answers. When I get to work in the morning all you want me to talk about is a business plan you wrote several years ago.

That really tramps my mood and I really hate morning meetings. I reach late at work every morning and I don’t apologize for it.

What makes you reach late at work every morning, share with me in the comments?




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