If you are gossiping about your Boss right now step forward.


If you are seated in your work space right now with a colleague gossiping about your boss right now I suggest you push back your chair and resign your job.

Gossiping about someone is a sign of disrespect and I don’t see the reason to why you would want to work with someone you don’t respect enough to share with what is on your busy mind.


There is no reason for you to waste productive hours of your life discussing how bad your boss treats you or doesn’t listen to your work related requirements for you to do your job well.

Get rid of that pain whether it is in a romantic relationship or business relationship you don’t have to be in a relationship that is abusive and gossip is always the end result of a relationship gone bad.

Whenever you catch yourself doing it in any form of relationship it is a sign for you to walk away because there is total communication breakdown.

It is your green light indicating your departure so just step out and look for a new job. Look forward to building a new relationship with your new boss and see how far you’ll go rather than staying at a job that is slowly breaking you apart emotionally.

gossip at work

You may say but Sarah gossiping is not a valid reason for me to quit or resign my job. Well when you take a good look at why you are gossiping in the first place, that is when you’ll realize your body is tired and to fight back it pushes you to think and see things negatively.

You’ll start complaining and that will quickly accelerate into daily gossip which you’ll do because you are no longer scared of your boss, you don’t even mind if they found out what you said behind their backs.

You are not bothered about how much their feelings will be hurt if they found out how little you think about them.

All you see instinctively is they are in a higher position than you, therefore they are demi gods who deserve your tongue lash punishment.

As much as it hurts you when people talk about you behind your back is the same amount of pain your boss will feel and eventually they will fire you like it or not.


So it is best you walk away from a dirty recommendation by resigning before your entire career is mired. Honestly I don’t see why your dissatisfaction with your current job should result into you hurting other people.

Walk away before the mean spirits take over your goodness and keep the peace with your former employer because if you are not planning to die after you quit their recommendation is needed in whichever arena you choose to take your career to.

Think about it.



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