How to make anger your secret weapon


I believe most of you have heard the statement I’m very sorry, it was in a moment of anger. Or perhaps you’ve watched Agataliiko Nfufu on Bukedde Television and seen people do the most bizarre things when angry. Lately I am really fascinated by the power behind this emotion.

It strips the most decent and intelligent people of the knowledge of the after effects of their actions. It is a force to reckon with, it can make you a murderer within minutes or seconds. It can aid a weak person to beat the strong. It puts this strong hold on the mind in that everything around you becomes invincible in its wake.


That power it uses to possess the mind is still unimaginable to me, I think anger just like sex, an emotion that can be controlled and used in creative forms.

I know as children we are taught not to express this maddening emotion. In fact in social standards its better suppressed than expressed and that is a form of survival but I believe anger should be felt, it should be expressed.

Here is why?

Anger gives men/women a sense of purpose: When a man/woman is angry their number one goal is to show the people they are angry at that they are not weak, they can’t be taken for granted and they cannot be under looked or ignored. And being angry is their way of showing their assailants that they can do the impossible.

Be it, beating up someone like Golola Moses, standing in front of the line of fire at war as if bullets can’t kill them and getting into a verbal battle for hours. Anger just makes you want to show your enemies who you are. How great you are and what you are capable of doing.

Perhaps you have someone who told you, you wouldn’t amount to anything, despised your ideas and laughed at your dreams. Your position in the anger business is to prove them wrong, show them how wrong they were and make them feel so guilty they will want to choke on their words next time they will want to say the same to someone else.


Anger liberates the soul: Usually when I am angry my body shakes uncontrollably but irrespective of that fact my soul is usually liberated. I can say or do the things I want to do to you without fearing any form of judgment.

I am never scared of trying out new things or unique techniques as long as they pose the potential to retaliate against my assailant. Now what is that thing or dream that has failed to be achieved turn on your anger against it and see it get done.

It’s that simple. Some days I am so mad at myself for not writing that it keeps me awake until I write (I believe I have the worst case of writer’s block and I found the best cure…anger). I just punish myself so bad (I know this is a little drastic) but sometimes I don’t eat, bathe or even get out of my room until I get it done. That is how angry I get and it has proved to be very helpful in catching deadlines.


Anger blind folds: The statement, it was in a moment of anger and I didn’t intend to do it clearly shows you that the person making the statement was in a state of possession where they could not help themselves. Miles Munroe said that when someone is angry at you they are temporarily mad so you have no right to hold a grudge against them.

The best part of working within this realm of anger is you are able to innovate and improve your product because you are not aware of your limitations and you are closed off from the world so you can’t hear what the critics have to say. When your anger subsides you can easily see the mistakes and if they are about your personal life you can apologize and say it was in a moment of anger but in business you don’t apologize instead you improve the product to fit the market you produce for.

This part of anger is very good for people who are in the art form (writing, singing, painting, and wood work). I just love to work within this state of madness because it has given me my best pieces of creative work.

But it can also be used when you are unemployment, when you are looking for that job, nobody has a right to stop you not even the receptionist has that right.

When you are so angry at unemployment and you want a job, you don’t mind being ignored in every application you write, you just keep applying because the very idea of defeat makes you angrier.

That’s the secret weapon of anger, now it’s your choice to make, you can either let things make you angry, take a bit out of them and produce success or get yourself in trouble. It’s up to you to make the best out of your anger.





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