If it doesn’t kill you make money out of it


Today I want to add a new twist to the famous quote “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. It is very true but you have no business going through an emotionally shattering experience and make strength your only goal.

In the past it was only playwrights and journalists who made money out of human tragedies. Then the writers got on the bus and the film makers followed suit and developed the business of human absurdities which we all know does pay well.

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Napoleon Hill said “every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

When 9/11 happened to America, film makers and writers documented the most painful event through different visual interpretation and as they got stronger emotionally, they made money along the way.

They never rested. Immediately after the event foundations were set up for the 9/11 surviving families. Fundraising campaigns were done across the country, books were written about those who lost their lives while trying to save others. Their names were inked down in history as the true heroes of America.

These people realized that within a painful situation there is an easy market that is willing to spend money based on purely emotional and sentimental reasons.


In early 2007 Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was leaked but instead of hiding away from the media and remaining ashamed for eternity. Kim and her mother proposed a reality show about her family to Ryan Seacrest of Etv and he agreed to shot it. Now 8 years later her family has benefitted from her problem and earned acclaimed fashion names as they rose to celebrity hood.

They have launched several products from the 15minutes of her would be shame. They are brand ambassadors of several products. But we all know it was the people that despised her and judged her who made her this successful.

I bet when the first season of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s came out, people bought the series to only see what Kim looked like in real life.

But for her and her family it was a way of dealing with the pain and showing the world that Kim wasn’t just the girl in the sex tape with Ray J but a fashion designer and a rising entrepreneur.

Kim’s story isn’t any different from 2015 Oscar Nominee Tomasz Sliwinski. Sliwinski’s son Leo was born with a congenital breathing disorder called Ondine (a condition that depraves a person oxygen when they are sleeping or when they concentrate on a book or a movie they can easily die).

Sliwinski started filming his family as an escape from depression and probably getting suicidal. Since the idea of having a child who could easily die was too much to deal with.

And during the process of filming Sliwinski said the depression lifted and the short film Our Curse was born and got an Oscar nomination. He may not have intended to make money out of his tragedy but his short film hit an emotional cord to have gotten nominated

So whatever problem you are going through right now instead of focusing on getting stronger or getting out of it wrap your mind around how you can make money out of it.

What doesn’t kill you may make you stronger but you have no business being broke while you pursue strengths. Pain is nothing if you don’t get money out of it.



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