It’s my blogiversary so how do we celebrate?


I am a big girl now!!

Let’s have an open conversation


I have given up on a lot of projects in my life— most of them within 3 months, 6 months or even 9 months of starting them because I couldn’t see a clear path on how I could make money out of them. I have let go of the most genius of ideas the moment adversity, difficulty or challenges come my way.

But not blogging, not that I haven’t wanted to run, I truly have. I have wanted to run anytime I realize there is no future for serious blogging in Uganda. I am tempted to run every time I run low on finances and I have this blog that only takes from me but doesn’t give back anything in monetary terms.

But what has kept me going is that you ‘all have taught me a great life lesson—the lesson of showing up even when I don’t. That! That is the reason to why I haven’t been able to give up on this, that alone is the reason to why I have succeeded and broken my rule of giving up on ideas that don’t make me money.

When you ask me how I have done this, I would say my adversity is a result of this blog achievement. I started this blog from a very fragile place in my life and a hunger to prove someone wrong, someone whose opinion I respected so much—someone who told me I couldn’t write.


I have written for a year now and yes it feels good…I feel like a writer, although I still struggle with letting go of this girl— the one who still doesn’t believe she can write. She is a creature of doubt and that I have come to live with and used it to help me practice daily and improve on my writing (it certainly has paid off).

I am super excited about this not because I have made a year—no!! It’s because you have shared my ideas with your friends, workmates and siblings. You’ve shared and related to my fears and victories as if they were your own. You’ve laughed with me and sympathized with me, told your friends and friends, friends about me.

You’ve all helped me gain my confidence back and I must say I walked in weak and insecure and I have finished strong and confident although still humble. We’ve done this and more together.

So how do we celebrate this blogiversary?

First I will be taking someone to the Authors’ FORUM Kampala By WORLD of Inspiration with me come August 5th, I have the tickets already. This forum will help us improve on our negotiations skills and interact and network with people who matter to us that is why I chose it.

So you can write to me or comment down on this thread and show your interest in joining me at the Author’s Forum this Wednesday because this offer expires tomorrow at 2:00pm.

Secondly I will be giving away a custom blog design courtesy of Wampamba David (Gagawala graphics).

This offer ends on August 14th 5:00pm, that is next Friday so you have the time to write to me or comment below with your reason for winning the custom design and join me in the online conversation as a new blogger. Now that is how we are going to celebrate this Blogiversary.


Happy Blogiversary to you ‘all.


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