Why Jesus became one of us


I have spent the past days wondering how I can personalize this Christmas for myself just like it was when I was a kid.

Christmas tree with toilet paper designs, cotton wool, balloons and new clothes that my parents bought for me back then.

But it is almost hard to get that feeling back since over the years our Christmas tree has found ways of evolving into plastic; we don’t cut them down anymore. I’m not young either so my parents can’t imagine buying me clothes or ask me and my siblings to sing Christmas Carols today.

jesus among us

In the pursuit of meaning, I asked myself this question. Why did Jesus become one of us? Of course he wanted to have the human feel and what he found out made him realize we needed someone who would love us enough to die for us.

I love Christmas but there is nothing as encouraging as Jesus’ worst first day at work. Oh yes!! He did have one. You may not have seen it but Jesus had career problems just like every one of us.

As a young man freshly graduated from fasting school, Jesus was so pleased with himself after getting a straight A in his dissertation on the topic, how to overcome temptation, case study Satan.

Rushed home with an active mind building castles in the air on how his kinsmen and village mates would support his project.

On getting to Nazareth, appointment letter in hand, with a beaming smile on his face, he shows the letter to his parents. I can imagine how excited Mary and Joseph were when they saw their son’s achievement.


Then he rushed to the registrar of companies to register his organization, the salvation Inc but to his dismay, what he expected from his fellow village mates is not what he got.

They instead escorted him out of the town of Nazareth amidst curses and abuses for being blasphemous. How in heaven did he think he was going to be the savior of the world?

A 30 year old Jesus, misty eyed reached the cliff that bordered the town of Nazareth , looked back to see whether his parents would intervene in support of his dream but they didn’t say a word.

There!!!! A young man’s dream blown up in flames in the midst of ridicule from the people he expected to understand and support him. These people are the familiar mistake we all make when we have a dream.

That is why Jesus became one of us? He came to set the career bar so high in that if they escort you out of Nazareth, you don’t go home, you shake it off and move to Capernaum.

Giving up is not an option instead you travel to another Country where no one knows why you should be rejected and set your dream up.

jesus feat

Go to a town where people are tired of dogma and while there, don’t seek approval share your views about the current world order in line with your dreams. Jesus gave his thoughts about the church and alas!! There were people as tired as he was of the pretense of the Pharisees.

People who were tired of being blind, lame, sick, dead and hungry followed him and his world view. I too follow his world view and I believe it was intended to be a window into free thinking not religion.

So whenever they come against you for your world views and call you all sorts of names, you tell them, that is what you say about me but as far as am concerned (Insert what you want to be called) I am the beloved son of God.

Just keep your dreams in mind and who you’ll become as a dreamer that is why Jesus became one of us.

I don’t know what you are sick and tired of this Christmas but whatever it is if someone pushed your idea aside, just shake it off and look at societies like Capernaum where people with your world views are.

social media

Seek social media because just like in Jesus’ time society voted for the growth and expansive development of a 30 year old man’s dream that still lives on centuries after he was crucified.

Make your dreams immortal; make them valid and let them serve a bigger purpose, years to come. Let them be so strong they turn your Pharisees into believers.

I don’t know where I found this but it sums up everything I would want to say and I edited it a bit to fit this article.

Everyone is hoping that you’ll fail

URA is hoping. UIA is hoping. Business competitors are hoping. Your landlord is hoping. Your O.G’s and O.B’s are hoping. Believe it or not, some of your friends and family members are hoping.

They want you to fail because your success is their failure. It reminds them of their laziness, their poor work ethic.

I’m sorry to tell you that they all want you to fail. Their subtle jabs and withholding of encouragement are aimed to keep you in an inferior station. No one wants to see someone rise at a faster speed than themselves.

There is no point in telling other people your goals. They will talk you out of it or give you bad advice.

There is no point trying to convince others about your world view. They will plant seeds of doubt that will prevent you from action and seeing the truth.

The minute you go just slightly higher than you have been, they will try to sabotage you. They are the worry mongers, fear mongers, scare mongers, shame mongers, guilt-trippers, trolls, and haters.

Ignore them. Feeding them with information about your dreams brings you down to their level, which is exactly what they want. You’re completely on your own. You don’t need help from anyone.

If you can’t reach your goals without the validation and support of other human beings, the bulk of whom I promise are against you, then you don’t deserve to succeed”.

Merry Christmas from me with love



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