Let me show you how great I am!


Is career advice that has been here for a very long time and it is exhibited in every job hopeful, at every job interview? Every person you’ll ask for career advice will tell  you, show the interviewer how great you are, show them that you’re fit for the job but how about you let the interviewer show you how great their company is a great fit for your personality ( company culture) and career needs.

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How about the employer takes you through the HR manual and point out what makes an employee fit for a promotion. How about the interviewers explain to you the importance of certain taxes you pay per month.

Why shouldn’t the employer break down the business plan of the company to you? It doesn’t matter what position you are taking, being a part of a vision you don’t understand is a total waste of time for you and whichever career you choose to pursue.

If this interviewer is willing to spend a few hours of their day interviewing you, then you should surely know you are worth their time and therefore an asset.

Why I’m I writing this at this time of the year? Well most of you are graduating this month and unlike me, you guys have someone watching out for you.

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Let the employer show you how great they are for a change. That way you’ll avoid exchanging sex for a career you already acquired at university. That way you’ll have a say in what happens to you and for you in your career.

Most of you might feel like, “I just studied to attain this degree and you know I don’t have any sort of talent to back me up”. But what you don’t understand is, talent is what you have in plenty. Your degree is a symbol of talent! Like it or not that degree exhibits in you the qualities of all successful people and if you don’t believe me ask yourself, how many colleagues of yours aren’t going to graduate in January or  how many more people did you start out school with but didn’t go as far as you’ve gone.

My sister or brother, you’ve got talent to pull off 16 years in our education system, you’ve got talent to have passed PLE (Primary Leaving Exams), USE (Uganda Secondary Exams) and UACE (Uganda Advanced Level Exams) and now you have a degree. Your talent is persistence; your talent is passion because you didn’t step out of school while your friends or cousin took the shortcut to success.


Your talent is stickability, your talent is focus, your talent is patience, your talent is diligence and all those qualities my friend should be explained to whoever says you have no talent.

That is how great you are, those qualities are the ones that take most people on the world stage and right now however small of an achievement you see your degree as, believe me the education system has given you the talent you need to be a success in life.

Now you know the world was wrong about the education system all along, show them that even if what we learn is beneath our own Countries needs we learned what life is all about. It’s all about persistence, it’s all about passion, it’s all about focus, it’s all about diligence and its all about patience.

With these life skills, whose got the right to tell you jobs are scarce, whose got a right to tell you, you’re not great enough. Every time you step out and serve several companies your C.V’s and they reject you, don’t curse the education system or your degree; pull out persistence.


And if you persist and fail, pull out patience and if you run out of patience always focus on the bigger picture. If the picture gets mired remember why you stuck through school and all those different exams you did to prove to your lecturers and teachers that you had learned something. It is of no use to get 95% in an exam and fail at life.

Step forward with confidence and show your interviewers that you are great enough and they need to earn you to work at their company.

That is how great you are and how great you will become.

What plans do you have for your life after graduation? Share with me in the comments below.




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