Looking for internship: Here are four Requirements you need to meet before heading out


Getting an internship placement is pretty much like looking for a job therefore preparation should be on top of your list.

Here are four requirements you need to meet before heading out to meet with your new trainers;


– Put ink on paper or type out an application letter to the organization you want to do your internship with.

– Print out your testimonial and make a photocopy of it to attach to your application letter. This is a requirement because some organizations give internships based on the student’s performance.

But that shouldn’t scare you off, if you have bad grades, there are some organizations that are out here to build the nation and those will be willing to take you on.

– Photocopy your I.D: Make a copy of your Identity card and attach for identification purposes and also to justify that you study at the university you claim to study from.

– Get a letter of introduction from the head of department but for my smart job hunting guide since everyone will be heading out with a letter of recommendation from the head of department.

To exude your unique self, you need to get yourself a letter of recommendation from a lecturer whose course unit you ace and use it as your application letter.

Hope I’ve been of help.






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