Meet my social media soldiers


Hey! They come, they fight and your clicks are there’s for the taking. Your souls on the other hand are geared into believing in the tribe that we are creating. Ok that’s a rhyme I intend to build on in the future but this is exactly what I want to talk about.


Most people think that as a blogger you work alone the best part of the time but I have realized that I have never worked alone. Even from day one, I have always had a team of people rooting for me and cheering me to go on, on social media.

Only difference is they don’t see it as work. But today I just want them to know that as their boss 😉 I really appreciate their great work.

So here they are in combat starting with;

My Twitter soldiers

david okwii

# Soldier number 1: David Okwii

This guy doesn’t get tired of the labour and he doesn’t complain. I don’t know how he found me, all I know is the feeling I got when he did. And for the first time someone was rooting for me on twitter, someone I didn’t know at all.

He wrote, @RogerKK agreed @amnamulondo blog is top-notch. She’s great with her headlines mostly #ugblogs @Eristaus.

Before I knew it @rogerkk followed me, @eristaus came on board and a bunch of his followers followed suit. To say he has been a good soldier is an understatement he has been an amazing one sharing and retweeting my work throughout the year.

You make me famous but most of all you’ve made me so proud of this labour that I have dedicated myself to, voluntarily. Thank you.


# Soldier number 2: Marvin Omoding

Now if you have the notion that only Beyonce can upgrade another human being, Marvin Omoding upgraded me. He came through daily, left a comment and retweeted as much as he had too. It was almost like he was drunk in love and so possessed by the content that it made him stick to it longer than he wanted to.

My!! Marvin you made it easy for me to come through even when I didn’t want to because I knew you’d come by and not find me. You’ve been one of my greatest inspirations on this journey, thank so much.


# Soldier number 3: Shawn D Kawalya

Are you there? Dude you’ve shared enough I should even let you hang your boxing gloves. You even were generous enough to let me share your story on my blog. You’ve put on the best fight and see how far we have come…we’re making a year. Thank you so much.

On Facebook


# Soldier Number 1: Ortega Ian

By now I know most of you are probably saying we are tired of Ian…but! Hmm. I am not because ortasty tasty Ian (his really going to kill me when he sees what I’ve done with his name) was so unrelenting in the formative years of this blog. He shared my posts daily, he got me my first Facebook page likes before I posted anything.

I had changed my mind and wanted to forget blogging and he made it easier during my down moments by spreading the word. He was single handedly evangelizing my blog alongside his. I am so proud of him, such a generous young man with a great heart. I am forever thankful to have a friend like you 🙂


# Soldier Number 2: Onyait Odeke

Huh!! You are in trouble with this one, he even assures you by writing intros like…Sarah Namulondo does it again you may not agree with her but whether or not you’ll like this post is unquestionable…then he has the classic one…when I am browsing the internet I like to read Sarah Namulondo’s blog, it has the best content like this one.

Onyait I love your passion and everything you bring to the table…see how far we’ve come. It’s been a year, so soldier buckle up because in the next year, me and you, we gon burn them!! (Kinda get my vibe).


# Soldier Number 3: Wampamba David

This one I nicknamed David with a sling, he slays my back end like crazy in case of tech problems, hosts this wonderful blog and adds a couple of useful plugins here and there but when he is done doing that, he goes ahead to let people know what a wonderful blog it is.

How much he loves reading every single post even if it is not related to the issues he wants to read about. In his own words he says, I love the way she writes so simply that anyone with reading impediments would understand what she says.

I believe he even has a Facebook alert because he tends to be the first person to like, comment and share most times. David I love the great partnership we have but most of all love that you have pushed this blog further.

jahluum c

# Soldier number 4: Jahluum Luwizza Herberts

This guy is so confident that he is not ashamed to have his content published a blog that is dressed in the hottest shade of pink. His not gay if at all you had started harboring that thought. He is just outright comfortable in his skin and he made blogging easier for me.

When I had nothing to post, Jahluum sent me a story and I was covered. He always said he loved the way I edited his content, it made him see where he should improve as a writer. To say I had a great blogging year without mentioning him would make me the most selfish person.

But Jahluum didn’t also stop there he evangelized like crazy. I remember one time he shared the story blogging gave me a chance to dream again and he put this intro…if you want to learn how to blog and how to run a blog you should visit this blog and see what I am talking about…some days he posted…this is the most legitimate blogger in Uganda and so on and so forth. So Jahluum this victory is both ours come August 1st it is our blogversary, so mark that date.


# Soldier Number 5: Cyrus Stanley

This one I like to call Cyrus the virus. I met this guy once and talked about my blog for one second and he was converted. Now what Cyrus the virus does is the most ridiculous way of evangelizing but he does it anyway. Cyrus visits my blog once or twice a month and he shares all my content including that which is already achived.

That is why I call him the virus because he does all that in one day and not because I ask him but because he wants to. Mehn!! Cyrus thanks for all that time and I am so thankful to God for our chanced meeting, God was really looking out for me that day we met. You’ve done me good so thank you.


# Soldier Number 6: Sebunya Robert

Now this one is in his own league, him and the techjaja guys omusawo wabwe akola (their witch doctor works). It took Sebunya Robert a couple of minutes to publish the top 10 best female bloggers in Uganda post and my traffic dramatically doubled in one night.

I woke up in the morning and I check my stats and I’m like…woah wait up guys what did I do? And I found out it was coming from techjaja. The stats jumped that night and I have never gone down again in fact I don’t need any advertising than what you gave me.

But besides that Robert actually reads this blog and his one of those people who does so with his fist up in the clouds and his not ashamed to tell me he wants to be like me when he grows up…although I still wonder when that will be 🙂 thanks so much Robert it’s been a pleasure getting to know you.


# Soldier Number 7: Leah Musenero

Now this one took it in her own hands to make sure everyone votes for my story in the blogging competition. She single handedly involved herself in my cause like I had given her a PR job. Leah was so great and even when I told her we didn’t win, she told me she was glad we gave the winner a run for their money.

Such a cold blooded competitor anyone would need on their team but she is on mine…am so proud that you took it in your own hands O.G…this blogversary is ours to celebrate.


# Soldier number 8: Hood Favoured Ssuna

Every time I look up in the clouds I am thankful to the gods that brought you in my direction. This guy just wants me to succeed. He shares my stories but not only that he always rooted for me to win the social media blogging story. He was one of the bloggers that was on the list but wanted me to win it instead of him.

What a selfless person he is…Hood you challenge me to be a better person and my only worry is that you see so much potential in me that I doubt to even have. Thank you so much for the support and honestly speaking I needed it at the time.

Gosh there are so many of you and I have a lot of nice things to say to you but apparently I am tired of writing this blog post so allow me to mention some of you in passing like Kagoya Olive, Martha Nansamba, Stephen Kalwazi, Tom Mukooli, James Odoi, Mukisa Joan, Irene Atuhairwe, Nakisige Rahma, Nathan Timona, Campus bee and so many of you who shared once, twice and to those who read silently on your beds.

I witness your presence every time I check my stats…thank you for being good and faithful soldiers.



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