Paul and I at the author’s forum


It is hard meeting new people and I must admit Paul and I tried but the fake smiles had to come out before we could really become comfortable with each other.


We tried our best in the picture above but Jahluum and Martha called us out on the fake smiles because apparently as you can see below they had genuine smiles.


So we decided to give it another shot with better fake smiles like this one.

Paul BW & Me

And Jahluum couldn’t take it anymore and said something I don’t really remember but sure did make Paul and I laugh so hard and loud that the camera couldn’t ignore it but just capture it.


There that is how we let everything fall down and savor the rest of the night with the one and only Mr. Inspiration Bake Robert Tumuhaise with his team of panelists and team players at the Hub. It was like I was there friend from the past who had come for a reunion…it was really amazing but what was even more intriguing was POTUS’s presence.

Yes Potus was there and Paul was like, seriously Potus is here!! Like Potus? But yes he was there and he was from Rukungiri.

It was really amazing meeting Paul and the fact that his character mirrors a bit of mine…that made it even more amazing. I also met the amazing Tonny Rutakirwa on the same day.


…hmm so many memories in just one day.

But yeah that is how it all went down and we learned a lot at the Author’s Forum hopefully I will dedicate time and write an article about how it all went down.

For now enjoy the Pictures.




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