My 2019 predictions from the Pakasa Forums


Do you remember when South Sudan became a big entry market for Ugandan business people or when China and Dubai became the best market for Ugandan importers? Do you remember when every single business person wanted to add South Sudan, China and Dubai to their business portfolio?

Brace yourselves this time round because every business person should be dying to add the Pakasa Forums to their business portfolio and here is why.


I have been observing the Pakasa Forum trends and I realized in each Forum, Agriculture is discussed extensively. The question is, why?

I don’t want to sound like another conspiracy theory writer but with great assessment of vision 2040 and the National development Plans I believe the Pakasa Forums could be high lighting the future of Uganda in a very subtle way.

As everyone else attending these Forums is planning to turn every empty space they own into a small holder farm, what else do you see besides Agriculture?

I read this quote this morning by Arthur Schopenhauer: ‘Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.

agro indus

I believe am choosing genius and this is what I see; the birth of very many aggro-based industries to sum it up, I see PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES.

If you are like me and derive no fun in grazing away under the sun or digging up dirt you should be focusing on the end game which every big industrial player attending these forums is looking at AGGRO-PRODUCTION.

I don’t think big industrial players are just spending their weekends guiding the young people on how to make money from a vacuum. There is an end game to these forums and after studying these plans I see where the forums are pointing there campus-production!


I presume that by this time in 2019, aggro produce will be very cheap in Uganda and the Aggro Processing Industry will have its hands full. Some farmers will be forced to sell their produce very cheaply because of the flooded markets.

I wouldn’t want you to be one of those farmers who will have heavily invested only to face the detriment of selling at low prices which will be determined by the aggro-processing industries.

Therefore if you want to play at the level of big industrialists, you must have an aggro-processing industry that is when you’ll have a taste of some power big industrialist enjoy.

That power of fixing consumer prices and the buying prices from farmers. A farmer or out grower will be able to earn just as much as the aggro-processing industries are willing to pay them.


You will say the farmers unions will work against them but farmers unions just like teachers unions may try to rise up against the vampire aggro-processing companies but they’ll not achieve much.

Therefore prepare yourselves and study aggro-processing, aggro-marketing and value addition. That is where you’ll be able to draw the line between uneducated farmers from educated ones.


Arthur Schopenhauer: ‘Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see

What will you choose talent or genius?

Tell me what you think of my 2019 prediction from the Pakasa forums, you could even throw in a few figures here that could support my argument.






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