Release your inner ambition


If it’s a girl in office you have been setting your eyes on, go right ahead and let her know how you feel and think about the office dating rules later when she says yes but you just can’t be docile in the face of attraction.

Don’t wait for Sassy Diva to help you out. If it’s a pay raise that you want, do yourself a favour and step away from your work space and walk right into your supervisor’s or boss’s office and ask for it.


Just go ahead and release your inner ambition. You can’t live your life in a world of words which are unspoken and dreams which are not lived. Today should be the day that you let the world or your work mates see your inner ambition. If you want to become the first 25 year old CEO of a major Government organization or Non-Government Organization just go right ahead and get it.

If you want to earn more money or have more time off or build your own business and quit your job just go ahead and do it. You’ll feel more a live and human while you are on that journey than following tradition.

Personally I’m super ambitious and I hate it when I have nothing to work on. Like a set goal to achieve with an actual deadline. I would kill to have that every day, I like achieving insurmountable tasks or goals. For instance when I decided to start a blog, the first person I told asked me if I was a celebrity well knowing I wasn’t. He made snide comments on what content I was to share. Who would be interested in reading my content but I didn’t falter.

He then asked me where I was going to get traffic before I even knew what traffic was and what it was used for on a blog. I didn’t even know how to create my own Facebook page, how to use twitter and I hated Linkedin because somehow I didn’t understand how to use it.


But best believe me my dream was to keep my writing alive and if a blog helped a blog I would have. Whether I knew how to update it or not, whether I had content or not I told myself I had to have a blog. The more snide comments he made the more I wanted to get a blog. See rejection or criticism to me is like you asking me to prove myself to you and that is what I did.

And here we are I do know a bit about coding, I can pull off anything in the back end of a website using dreamweaver and wordpress. My writing is as much alive as myself and my vision was released into world by my inner ambition.

That is why today I wanted to share some of the things that help me keep my ambition in tip top shape.

Get yourself a huge mirror: Trust me you’ll need a full blown relationship with the person in the mirror. She/ he’ll need your reaffirmation; your undivided attention, emotional cleansing and nourishment.

That mirror will help you get in touch with your dream daily as you get to stare at the person who is going to help you through the mirror daily and if you feed her healthy emotions daily she/ he’ll help you get where you want to be. In Ugandan terms she/ he’ll become your technical know who.

That person in the mirror will help you fight procrastination; kill off doubt, fear and all forms of emotional junk food.


Confidence is key: You need to be more comfortable in your skin first and it will naturally flow through the other parts of your life. Since you have already bought your mirror use some of your free time boosting your confidence by improving on your self image.

Saying and doing empowering things for yourself like changing that hair style, improving your wardrobe and a lot of self-affirmation. Tell yourself you are handsome or beautiful, you are fearless and confident. Just say nice things to yourself to increase your confidence levels.

Try out some exercising because it does produce some amazing endorphins which help you stay pumped up the whole day with joy and less stress. It will also help you keep that smile fresh all day, you’ll need it.

However don’t freak out when these changes don’t show results in the first two weeks. Keep practicing because it takes 3 months to form a new habit and 6 months to make it stick. Just keep practicing because even I still practice daily because motivation is like taking a shower, you need it daily and sometimes hourly.


Have an insatiable desire to be better than you were yesterday: In Scandal Rowan Pope, Olivia Pope’s father was mad at her for being President Fitzgerald’s Mistress. He asked her in one of the dialogues “did I not raise you for better, how many times have I told you, you have to be what?! You have to be what?! And she said twice. What?! He said and she said twice as good as them (the 1% or the rich people) to get half of what they have.

To get that half you have to tighten your hustle, work hard you can’t afford to be lazy because ‘they’ already have what you want so you can’t work as hard as them. You can only work twice or thrice as hard as your competition to get half of what they have because ambition is nothing without hard work.


Don’t coast on your past achievements: In journalism you are as good as your next story not your last story. That should be your attitude in life because ambition doesn’t allow for costing. What separates you with a musician who is a one hit wonder is the amount of hard work you put in. there’s a new trick I have been teaching myself for the past year now and it is to ignore a lot of compliments.

You see a lot of people like to be complimented but as for me I have learned that positive feedback is the death of me. It’s not that I don’t like it but on any day I would like to have 100 critics than have 100 people appreciating my work.

It’s something that easily notifies the brain that you are enough. There is no need for further elevation that is why you need to lock out some of the compliments. All you need to remember every single day is you are as good as your next achievement not your past achievements.

Let me hope I have been of help



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