So the winner for the Author’s Forum Ticket is?


Ladies and Gentlemen of my Constituency (, the times have changed and so has our communication. Today I want to thank everyone who took part in my very first giveaway on social media and the blog itself (I truly love talking political, anyway back to this post).

There were few of you who took part in this giveaway (probably you had your doubts), I don’t know why? But never the less the ticket has to be given away.


So the winner for the Author’s Forum Ticket is Paul Kisakye the Wordy Cakes gentleman and Chief Brand Evangelist of Wordy Cakes. When I started the blog series in July, Paul was the first person to suggest a meet and great party for my blogiversary but I had no man power to pull it off so I ignored it.

But it seems like Paul has got his wish because he wins and takes and meets and greats me at the Author’s Forum come tomorrow at 6:00pm. And Paul forget all Ortega Ian had to say about my time keeping I will be there one hour ahead of the starting time so that we can get to know each other between drinks nebigenderako.

Looking forward to developing a great and strong offline relationship with you and those of you who are green eyeing Paul now drop that because I still have one last thing to giveaway and that is the custom blog design by David Wampamba so go and comment on the post or write to me and win this thing.

Ayamu vele siliyasi about this mata ( I am very serious about this matter) so should you!

OK bye

P.S I had forgotten I will be sharing pictures of me and Paul so watch this space.



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