Stop lying to the World that you have a dream


Many a time’s people tell me how lucky I am to have found something I loved to do and then went ahead and did it. Some tell me they were very passionate about writing but somehow down the road they had to give it up.

And to that I say a very silent really!!! Did you have a dream in the first place or you had a list of priorities to choose from? See having a dream is not some sort of job or something you should add to you’re to do list. Having a dream is like being a prophet, when everyone else is laughing and ridiculing you, the prophesy remains alive years after you die.


When you lose everything, money, wife and kids and all forms of respect and still stick to it…that is a dream. When you are still the only person who screams and shouts out loud when you make a land mark or strum that guitar string…that is a dream.

When your parents throw you out of the house and look out for help as a destitute person but still keep doing it…that my friend is a dream. You can’t choose it, matter of fact it chooses you. It will come after you in the night and disturb your mind; it won’t let you rest, dream after dream you’ll see yourself making it, jumping hurdle after hurdle and achieving it.

Although in reality there won’t be any sign of success, the dream will not allow you the luxury of living and breathing, if you give up on it. Your honour and integrity will be held up in this one thing.

You will sweat, you will tire, and you’ll get disillusioned and maybe even get depressed while working hard at it but somehow for you there will be no chance of escaping it.

Your friends and perhaps family if you’re still lucky to have them will give you ideas on how to change the course of your life and sometimes there will be wisdom in their ideas but in most cases it’s even not up to you to make the changes.


I remember last year when I was told to decide whether to give up on my dream or live the house. I looked at my mother and it just really hurt me that I couldn’t help her understand that it wasn’t up to me.

I was totally seduced by this dream, I knew 1000 plus ways of surviving without a job but for her it was either the system or nothing. I remember that day, I smiled and packed my bags, pulled out my journal and it was July 7th 2014!! What a coincidence? I said to myself. It was the day I quit my job. I called up my sister and later that day I moved in with her.

I must say that time I tried giving up, I really did. I applied for a job and I did get a call back which I didn’t honour because that night I had the worst revelation of myself in a dream. Then I gave up trying to change myself, I gave up planning my life and let my life happen to me. With that decision my desire to get unchained from it turned into a desire to get imprisoned by it. I found ways of loving its many ups and downs and its flip flopping progress reports.


That is what a dream does, it will trick you into thinking you can’t fail and it will present you with its greatest highs and seduce you with near wins and misses to encourage you to tag along. And if you stay on course for long it will prepare for you that one day.

That day, when you are so tired of all the drudgery in life, and how slow the dream is taking to achieve, the world is so absent minded they have forgotten you exist. That is when the dream will reveal itself to the world.

That is when it will show its full potential to the world and make six years of practice or seven look like nothing compared to the glory that will come with its accomplishment.

Everyone will be singing you praise, wondering how you could have done it but the underlying truth will be…you didn’t even notice you were doing it. It was just the course of your life that you had to accomplish.

So any time you catch yourself contemplating why you gave up on your dream of becoming an artist, musician, pianist, guitarist, writer, actor or coder for something else, just know you didn’t have a dream in the first place, you had a couple of priorities to choose from and you decided to choose something else other than your dream.

You never had a dream my friend, you had priorities so stop lying to the world that you had a dream.



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