26 blog stories that you loved reading


In no particular order these are the stories that you loved most from my first year of blogging given the number of stats they drove in. As a recap enjoy reading them as we warm up for the blogversary.

#1 To the girl in the sex tape

girl in sex tape

#2 The slut, the feminist and the spinster you make the perfect woman

cover slut

#3 Why I celebrate Independence starting from 1988


#4 How I have Survived Unemployment for 410 Days

it is the one

#5 9 Things you need to learn in your twenties


#6 Taking bribes at work will give you leprosy


#7 My mother’s wisdom on how to handle money and friends

mother ft

# 8 5 things I share in common with Golola Moses


#9  Life doesn’t care about your dreams so work faster

cover pic..

#10 7 free eBooks that will make you think different

This is books scramble. Many books on white background.

#11 Careers: Why does love have to be so distracting

lovers cover

#12 3 Celebrity Documentaries That Have Changed My Outlook on Life


#13 Why are you doing that Internship?



#14 Why you need a personal slogan for your career


#15 Why you should avoid prolonged probation in your career

probation pik

#16 Career Lessons from the State of the Nation Address


#17 My 5 Career Wise Men of 2014

five wisemen feat

#18 12 lessons I learned in 2014

12 lessons pic

#19 If you can speak, don’t write.


#20 Writing saved my life from Unemployment

writer me

#21 blogging gave me a chance to dream again


#21 Graduation week: Dear Graduates welcome to the realities of the Ugandan labour industry

grad pic

#22 Dear Graduates welcome to the real world

pass deg pik

#23 Build your brand the Bbale Francis way

bbale cover

#24 Forget self employment give me a job


#25 Job seekers grow the hell up!!


#26 You can never chase money organize for it


Tomorrow I will be sharing with you the stories that I loved most and enjoyed creating.





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