The difficulties of running a blog


1. You have to decide whether to use your money for buying clothes and makeup (nebigenderako) or buying data.

2. You have to decide on whether to spend time with your friends and family or come and write because there are people who depend on you to show up online.

3. You have to convince people why blogging is important to you.

4. You have to defend your need for time alone and space in order to write.

5. You have to explain to people that you actually don’t jog to keep in shape but to get inspired.

6. You have to delete stupid messages and emails that do not in any way inspire you or the sender.

7. Losing a part of your privacy to your readers (not that I mind) but it is hard to decide what is too much or too little or too sly.


8. You are a three part mix of doubt, fear and confidence.

9. You are forced to think in numbers even if you don’t want to.

10. Everyone will try to advise you on what to do even if they have never even run a blog themselves and don’t even know how a back-end works.

11. You’ll be judged against people who have blogged for years in your first month of blogging.

12. You’ll be ridiculed and discouraged the most part.

13. You have to think about making money because somehow everybody expects you to be making money.

Blogging is not easy , nothing is. But blogging itself confuses so many people because everybody has their own expectations on what a blogger should be like and how much he/she should be earning thanks to some online articles.

But just like any other job, you have to dig in your heels and keep the why in mind to be able to survive all the difficulties that espouse this craft. And when you get in well knowing that there are challenges, it is easier to survive the vultures out here.

Those are some of the difficulties I have to fight every day before posting up but hey I am still here I guess I am doing something right.










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