The human race is so hypocritical


We tell young people be yourself. But then sell glossy magazine with women who have long shiny straight hair, red lips, tucked in waists and fancy clothes. Standing next to men with bulging biceps and triceps and six packs lay out on their waists like a second skin.

being perfect

We condemn bleaching but then sell beauty products with light skinned women. It’s like the chocolate skin is not fashionable. The African coily/ kinky hair is not fashionable. For the African MAN, if a girl doesn’t have big hips and a big bum, that girl is not considered sexy.


It is a lot of work trying to be yourself…when people see you rocking your natural hair…they assume you are broke, are going to the salon or you are going to cut it short. We tell each other, be you, but we don’t even know how to achieve the illustrious dream of individuality. Somehow we are constantly blending in with others.

We call ourselves individuals, unique and not part of the crowd but the only difference we are all aspiring to is that, which has been created and conditioned in our minds.

You say to yourself, society doesn’t define me but it is okay for it to define you when you need medical care, it is okay for it to define you when you die and you are laid to rest in a freshly dug grave like everyone else. It is okay for you to follow your bliss and make money but then bank it where everyone else is banking theirs.


How different are you human being…how unique are you? This separatist idea that has been created is so slave era like. Where the fair skinned thought they were better than the chocolate skinned.

We have managed to abuse humanity to levels that we can’t retract from and now the only idea we lucratively sell ourselves is if you’ve got talent, you are better than others. If you can sing, then you are better than me. If you can write better than me, then I’m not your equal. If your business is more lucrative, then you are better than everybody.


In your mind, you are different; you are on top of the food chain, a high ranking primate. How I wish I was there when God banished Adam and Eve, maybe I would have saved humanity. We are all but one thing- Human beings.

We are not our tribes, our countries or our continents. These are geographical coordinates. They are not genetic coordinates. What’s so bizarre about us is we can never define a cow by its sound but we define each other by how we sound.

We call each other, Muganda, Musoga, and Mukaramoja but not our scientific name. We have the liberty to define animals by their scientific names but we see nothing wrong with defining ourselves by the way we sound.

Human beings are so hypocritical and the more I get to know who we really are, it pains to imagine the peril my children and grand children will go through trying to define themselves and yet they have already been defined.

They are human beings; they don’t need to be Writer, Musoga, Ugandan and African. They are human beings and that’s okay, it’s okay!!



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