Things that annoy me about blogging


Internet connection

When I write an amazing story and I can’t wait to share it but the network is so weak or it is just out right off after I subscribe for data. I really take it personally.

Story ideas

Great story ideas tend to run through my mind in the wrong places where I can’t really sit down and write so I just resort to writing the title down and hope against all odds that by the time I get to a quiet place I will be able to remember everything.


Having a great story idea and power goes off when you forgot to charge your laptop…bummer. I usually resort to writing in my notebook then later transfer to the blog which is a lot of work most times.


When people dismiss my effort

So I tell one of my friends, oh my god techjaja listed me amongst the best female bloggers in Uganda.

“That’s obvious you’re a writer” he said.

I’m like seriously I do work hard at this, so don’t just dismiss my effort, I am not a story merchant I think about these things.

Writing is about practice not where you worked

“Blogging is easy for her because she used to work at the Independent Magazine”

I usually want to have a big frying pan to hit their heads because writing is about practice and not about where you worked. Every single day in a writer’s life is different and difficult to go through so while you hold your conceited ideas about I and writing try practicing.


How do you earn from blogging

Having people constantly ask me how I earn from blogging yet I am also just trying to figure out what blogging is like and how to use the tool to leverage my talent across the globe makes me want to scream all the time.

I want you to write for me for free

I think I have given people the idea that I do have a lot of free time in that I get crazy requests from people who want me to contribute to their blogs. Your requests are not in any way wrong or bad but you have to realize I earn from writing. I am a full time freelance writer and I earn only from my writing so don’t expect me to write for you for free because I already do it voluntarily on my blog.

If you want me to write for you, call me or email me with a figure in mind. I don’t do voluntary work because writing doesn’t also come to me voluntarily I think about it and research about it plus electricity bills and data connectivity. So trust me I will not invest time in a story, electricity and data and give it away for free.

Alternatively if you want to write for you for free, try writing for me for free and then we see how we can go about it.


Bloggers have nothing to write about

I don’t know who tells corporate companies this but the truth is some of us have what to write about and are willing to invest our own money to keep doing it and researching and expanding our scope without brand deals.

This notion that I will write about something that doesn’t fall under my niche or something I don’t believe in is wrong…actually I am the wrong blogger for most cheesy topics so don’t call me or email me.

I guess in the next year I will be blog annoyance proof but for now I have shared my pains and my truths and I know some of you feel these things too.




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