Today Uganda walks not with its feet but with its mind


Today I watched Marcus Garvey’s documentary and I was like; is this even possible! Could someone from the 1940’s really be this smart and speak to Africa, which wasn’t even as established as it is today. But Marcus Garvey did! And he said some of the most profound things about Africa but what really struck me, was what he had to say about education.

Garvey said; …my Fore parents, my Grandparents, my Mother and my Father did not suffer and die to give me an education to slight, oppress or discourage my people. Whatsoever education I acquired out of their sacrifice of over 300 years, I shall use for the salvation of the 400 million Black people of the world. And the DAY when I forsake my people; may GOD Almighty say, “There shall be no more life for you”.


Most of us are young and unemployed and we think education is useless because it cannot provide for us immediate jobs. We ignore and slander education because the Country we live in is full of literate unemployed young adults.

But have you ever stopped to wonder, what this Country would have looked like if it was full of uneducated idiots trying to look for jobs?


Have you thought about how these uneducated people would act while demanding the government to create for them jobs?

Have you ever wondered what our schools would look like or how our roads would look like?

What our national language would be and what kinds of people would represent us in parliament?


How our medical institutes would be run and who would run them?

Uganda community

Have you ever questioned the state of security this Country would have if 18 million people were uneducated and unemployed like it is today?

Just take a minute and ponder about the above question, how would life be like? If you realize how lucky we are then you can see the sanity education has bought us and you can see the peace education has bought us.

Education has enabled us to create solutions and not distraction because education in itself like Garvey said does not allow for a man to slight, oppress or discourage his own people but rather becomes a symbol of hope and liberation.

In his speech on freedom Garvey said, today Africa is walking around not only on our feet but on our brains. This was in 1940 but it surely befits what is happening to us now, all we have to do is embrace what Garvey said and learn how to walk more with our brains and not our feet as we go about this unemployment problem we face as a generation.

That’s it for today. Have a great evening.




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