What to expect in my next year of blogging


My first year of blogging was really amazing, I must say I was able to free style a lot and it was really worth it. But moving forward I have come up with a couple of things to add into my blogging goals and these are the things you’ll be expecting in my next year of blogging.

#1 Expect more projects

I will be doing more projects on career and outside sourcing at least once a month. These will include everything you’ve ever wanted to know from the recruiters themselves and people in various industries that you want to work with. That however will not affect my daily inspirational pieces and career pieces.

#2 Expect personal projects

In form of EBooks some will be free, some will be for sale and some will be physical books. This by far is one of those hardest things to pull off for me but with God’s grace and help I will be able to pull all three of them off before this year ends.

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#3 Expect to see me on YouTube

Yes I will be acting in my own movie (I’m joking) but expect to see my very first vlogs (video blogging) on YouTube, I am working around the clock on that and by October or mid September I will have something to show you guys.

#4 Expect more documentaries too

I have realized I need to leverage all my talents and harmonize them into one thing that I love to do which is—story telling. So yes I am borrowing from all these art forms to express myself and be able to connect with all of you.

Hopefully I won’t disappoint or I will disappoint you, learn from my mistakes and move forward but for now these are all the things that I will be trying out in my next year of blogging.

I hope they’ll excite you as much as they are exciting me.

P.S since I will be doing all this, I will be blogging only twice a week and I know it will affect all of us but it is for the good of the above projects to all come to life. Sorry for the inconveniences but they will only last till October.



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