Why does God Hire Amateurs?


I do believe the bible has a lot to teach us about career life than you have ever imagined so as of today I have started on my bible series and of course I will mix them up but that put aside I am starting with the first thing that ushers in every ones career life which is hiring.


Why does God hire amateurs? In the entire history of the Bible this divine being only hires amateurs to do life time projects that he never gives any expert at all.

As opposed to most hiring managers in Uganda today who want 3 to 5 years experience, God’s hiring choices are very different he is in the business of hiring amateurs.

Right from his first hire Abraham, a 70 year old man who still lived with his father, with no dreams of his own, he just lived under his father’s wing with a wife and a nephew he had no legacy to live for.

In these unemployment days of Uganda a 70 year old grandfather without any dream of his own or property is the worst choice for a job opening that required someone to be the father of all nations and the grandfather of faith.

He wasn’t fit for the part and yet he got hired, then Noah really? What really made God hire Noah.

Noah was called crazy many times not because his prophesy took long to materialize, no!

What made him a public ridicule is Noah didn’t have a clue about how long a ship as big as his could take to build.

He announced the launch of a ship that was to take him years to build and insisted that people change their ways because the floods were coming without a clue.

In real life a complete ship takes 2 years and 2 months to build, that’s how long it took to build the titanic 26 months from 1909.

But  in Noah’s time it would have taken him more years given the limitations he faced.

Oh Jeremiah, he told people to sell off their vineyards and land and all fancy things because Nebuchadnezzar was going to destroy Judah and the following day he was in the King’s courtyard buying land from his cousin on the command of God.

He didn’t even question God about why he delivered a different message and yet he was busy doing something else as long as he did what his master wanted that was good enough.

In these times Jeremiah would definitely without a doubt be labeled false Prophet by the self righteous legalists in Uganda.

Need I mention Jesus; the divine being that was to save us all but came to us as a child who needed protection.

He too didn’t go very far from his father’s hiring techniques; he asked fishermen to follow him and turned them into celebrated authors and apostles of all time till this day.

hiring manager

With all that said the only lingering question is still why? Why does God hire amateurs to do his work?

This is because all amateurs want, is someone that believes in them.

When God approached a depressed former Egyptian Prince in the burning bush, all he offered him was his name and believed in him enough to give him a magical stick that was responsible for most miracles in the first chapters of the book of exodus in Old Testament.

God’s belief in Moses’ abilities turned his life around. God’s belief in him, build his esteem and alas!

Moses was duty ready because come to think of it would you take off living your wife and kids behind to go and save people in a far off land without stopping for a minute to question your sanity.

How do you even explain Isaiah’s actions of spending 3 years naked in the desert just to pass on a prophesy for a certain man called God who hired him for a job without some sense of self belief and confidence.

It is impossible, so what God does is hire these amateurs and believe in them, affirm their strengths and makes them feel good about themselves.

See what he tells Abraham, I will make you a blessing in that even those that curse you receive a blessing from you, I will make you the father of all nations.

To a timid Jeremiah he says, I knew you before you were born, to Ezekiel I will make your face hard, I will make you different from them.

To Moses who couldn’t articulate himself well because he used to stammer he offered a spokesperson.

To Jesus at his baptism the spirit affirmed that he was God’s beloved son and to David he said this is a man after God’s own heart.

Who wouldn’t feel good when all their boss does is appreciate their strengths and enhances them to take on the bigger challenges that come with work life.

The only reason God hires amateurs is because he has something to give them and that is hope, amateurs need a lot of it.

They need someone to believe in them. They don’t have dreams so just like most employers God gives them the opportunity to serve him and make his dreams come to life.

Most of God’s employee’s were always oblivious of the time it would take for the projects to come to fruition except for Jesus who knew but of course he was God incarnate and that helps them endure throughout all the failed attempts because they have a timeline.

This technique really resonates well with Ronald Mayinja’s song, Leka kuwa sente myaka ( don’t put a limit on money that if you don’t get it this year you won’t try next year). God offered his amateurs that principle by not putting a timeline on the dream.


Generally amateurs are in it to win it take an example of talented people no matter how many times they fail they still introduce themselves with the title of their talent.

For instance how many upcoming musicians do you know who will never become popular artists because they are lazy but still say I’m a musician…actually I still call myself a rapper (star taffa) ;).

Amateurs are less work all they need is someone to believe in them, their abilities, talent’s that’s all it takes to have an amateur do the job of an expert.

Amateurs are mold-able; they are open to learning on the job because they don’t know any standard operating procedure they’ll operate on your procedure.

Which makes them the best choice employees because all they are out their to do is to serve your vision until it comes to life.

They are every hiring managers ideal employer but most managers don’t realise that…probably HR school didn’t work out God’s management style.

President Museveni used to use this management style in the 90’s when he hired Ministers who had no clue about the Ministries they headed let’s say finance and appoint a Minister of finance who has a Degree in Agriculture to head the Ministry of Finance and surprisingly the amateurs got the job done well as opposed to now.

Amateurs look at the job as a dream come true which makes them enjoy it, look for innovative ways to make things work because they have an open mind on things as opposed to experts whose decisions are highly influenced with history.

Finally experts were never God’s choice because experts usually have their own dreams and agenda’s to push. Experts like Godffrey Kazinda will always push their own agenda’s forward and they are willing to stick it out in jail for them.

On a good note all the amateurs God hired to do his job completed the projects irrespective of how they felt therefore If hiring managers get to discover this it will get most fresh graduates first entry jobs but i don’t know how soon that will be.

What do you think about God’s hiring style leave a comment.


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