5 Tricks to Make Your Pass Degree Work For You In The Job Market


I graduated in the class of 2012 Environmental Management, Makerere University, with a pass degree. My friends told me I was at a disadvantage in this competitive job market of Uganda. But am glad to let you in on some of the tricks I used to delve this very crowded job market and got a job at the Independent Magazine with my pass degree;


Always ensure that you reach your employer before your C.V: I was advised by a friend that the Independent Magazine would hire me for my writing talent. Since I had a pass degree and it was not in Mass Communication, I went ahead to meet with the Editor before I sent in my C.V. In the meeting I was asked to write about anything. With that opportunity I decided to out write my pass degree with two impressive stories which had lots of my personality in it.

Be persistent:  After sendingin the stories I never received an immediate reply, in fact I waited two weeks before he replied but I called him after every two days in that period and he told me he hadn’t got the chance to read my work but would finally get to doing it. Well when he did he mailed saying, “I love your gutsy attitude and if you’re interested in taking a leap into News writing, send me your C.V”.

Never send your C.V: I was ecstatic in fact I wanted to pass out with joy but I didn’t send my C.V to him. Now I know your all wondering but here is the trick. Just like in dating, when you get a guy or a girls interest you have no reason to buy their love, you have it and they are very willing to eat from your palm.

Wait for their call: According to the law of attraction; you are on the mind of your employer and he knows that if he cannot have you on his/her team, it will be incomplete. So he/she will call you and when he/she does, ask to meet with them in person let’s say after two days to remove all signs of “am jobless and very desperate”.

Request to present your C.V in person: This will help make it hard for your employer to reject you based on your degree in person. When I met my-would be employer he wondered why I had not sent in my C.V, but before I gave it to him I let him know I had a pass degree. He was clearly very disappointed I had a pass degree. But it was hard to deny me the opportunity since he was so impressed with my stories and hired me for being smart and not for what kind of degree was on my C.V.

So I implore you, if an employer tells you send your C.V, please go before it for you are more impressive than your C.V. Sell them your personality and not your C.V. Always over power your C.V and let it be a shadow of who you are. And if you’re would-be employer won’t allow meeting in person then employ the technic of how you catch a rat.  Buy poison, a rat trap anything but you have to make sure you catch that rat.

Share with us if you know any person who has successfully maximized their pass degree.We will be glad to hear from you

N. Sarah

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  • Jay
    September 2, 2014

    Being a person who hires every few months, this works.Very practical indeed

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